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It’s that most magical time of the year: That time when tons of stuff is on sale at The Portal, and you end up buying yourself more than you do for the family and friends on your holiday lists. It’s okay, we understand. No judgments. So, without further delay, here’s the breakdown:

Thursday, November 23rd we are closed for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 24th, 10am to 11pm AND Saturday, November 25th, 10am to 9pm, and finally Sunday, November 26th 10 am to 6 pm.



– Magic the Gathering singles 25% off Friday, 20% off Saturday and Sunday.

Platinum Portal membership for a day/s  Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Each and every customer will receive 15% everything store wide ( discounts are not to applied to anything with a deeper discount than 15% ). Any customer who already has a Platinum Membership will receive an additional 5% to equal a 20% discount on products.

– Graphic Novels  30% off to comic pull list customers.

– All clearance items are Buy 2 get  1 Free!!!!( of equal or lesser value ) 

– All Special Gift packs 20% off, includes Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gioh!, and Pokemon.

– Warmachine/Hordes, Board Games and Graphic Novels Buy 1 get 1 50% off !!

And there will be some other surprise specials as well! It’s two days of pure shopping goodness, and you’re all invited! We’ll see you all this weekend. And don’t forget:

Sunday is our Magic the Gathering Star City Games Invitational Qualifier, and  MTG sales will extend the entirety of the weekend. Reserve your seat now!

More surprises and special sales will be announced next week!!

**We as a staff cannot wait to see all of your shining faces. We, The Portal, love and cherish each and every one of you, our customers. This weekend of sales is our way of saying “Thank You”. We cannot be the very best we can, without each and every one of you!**


Much Love <3

Portal Gang

Greetings Portal Community! 2017 is flying by faster than the Enterprise at warp speed!

We’ve got some very nifty events and excitement for the month of Novemeber, so without further delay, here we go:

Mystery Packs are back!!!  We had so much fun the first time around that we decided to do it again!  Check out the tab up top on our webpage for complete details for click here.  Maybe you will pull a revised pack!  On Sale Now!

Next we have our 4th Annual RISK tournament this Sat. Nov. 4th and Sun. Nov. 5th.  This is a great partnership that brings us back to one of the most popular board games printed.  If you are the person who always used to beat your friends come test your skills against the areas best.

Novemeber 10th through the 12th some of the Portal crew will be at MEPACON.

In store we have our WARMACHINE/HORDES Steamroller event on Saturday Nov. 11th.  ( Decembers will be on Sat the 2nd so clear your schedule)

Next up, not to be out shined is ICONIC MASTERS release weekend Nov. 17th and 19th.  Preorder your boxes now before we sell out.  This is a limited release.

Just in case MTG isnt your thing Nov. 18th is our next WARHAMMER 40K event.  This plans to be sold out so pre-reg now before its too late!


The Portal Comics and Gaming will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving on Nov. 23rd.  Please enjoy over eating with family and loved ones.  Immediately followed by AWESOME BLACK FRIDAY DEALS see you all then.

and to finish off the month STARCITY INVITATIONAL QUALIFIER : Modern format on Sat. Nov 26th

Wow.  That’s an action packed month.  Can’t wait to see everyone!

Don’t forget to view the details of the month in this short video.

~The Portal Crew

Greetings Portal fans!

We have been hard at work making some great improvements and changing a few small things.  So here are some of the upcoming adventures that YOU should be apart of.

FRIDAY Oct 27th:  In addition to our FNM Halloween BOOoooster draft and other normal MTG events we will also be participating in Bethlehem Trick or Treat from 6p to 8p.


SATURDAY Oct 28th:   Halloween Comic Fest is finally here!!!  We have some amazing promos and some great sales lined up.  Please come stop by and see what kind of scary fun we can have.  Then MTG kicks off their Dino Sized Weekend!!


More coming soon!


Happy ‘Don’t Look at the Sun Day’ everybody!

We’ve got some very nifty events and releases this week, so without further delay, here we go:

This Thursday from 5pm until whenever everyone gets too sleepy, we’re having our Paint & Play Sleepover! It’s a night for painting minis, playing minis games, and slamming down caffeine. It doesn’t end until everyone taps out. Please note: You can’t actually sleep here. While we encourage wearing pajamas, please don’t plan for any snoozing.

Then on Saturday it’s our big Magic the Gathering Modern PPTQ, and this one’s got cash prizes, a pack of Revised as a door prize, and a structure that awards all the way down to top 16! You don’t want to miss this one!

On Sunday, in addition to our Magic Standard Showdown and Star Wars Destiny tournament, we’ll be having a special Smash Up All-Stars event! Everyone who enters will play the base game in an elimination tournament for awesome promos like a playmat, upgraded tokens, and all-new faction cards!

New releases for this week include new Hordes Grymkin models, the updated General’s Handbook for Age of SigmarHarry Potter DBG: Monster Box of Monsters, a new wave of Infinity models, the new Farmer’s Guild faction for Guild Ball, and of course the new Magic the Gathering Commander 2017 decks, which will be available in all their tribal glory on Friday!

Hot comic book issues include The Flash, Secret Empire, Black Hammer, Lumberjanes, Rick and Morty, Shirtless Bear-Fighter, Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor, Nightwing: The New Order, and the final issue of Letter 44!

And don’t forget: We still have Magic Mystery Packs available, and we’re now taking preorders on booster boxes and preregistration for all of the upcoming Magic: Ixalan Prereleases at the end of next month!

There you have it. Until next week, stay safe out there. That means NO. LOOKING. DIRECTLY. AT. THE. SUN. We really cannot stress this enough.

Hello everyone! We hope you’re all some combination of swell, hunky-dory, peachy-keen, and neato-burrito. Here’s what’s going on at the shop this week:

The Magic: Hour of Devastation League has just wrapped up, and the response was once again overwhelming! You can pick up your cards at the shop, along with your prizes. We’ll see you all back here for Ixalan!

Saturday is our next Warhammer 40K tournament. Make sure you preregister if possible–that way you are guaranteed a spot, AND you get bonus Command Points! All the info is in our Facebook and website Event postings.

Sunday is our Magic: Standard Invitational Qualifier for StarCityGames, and we’re offering prizes through top 16, as well as a booster pack of Revised as a door prize! All the details are in our Facebook and website Event postings.

New releases for this week include Primaris Space Marine Inceptors, Primaris Upgrades, and special basing kits for Warhammer 40K, the new packs for Game of Thrones, Netrunner, and Star Wars LCGs, and new board games like Flamme Rouge and Unearth!

Over in the wonderful world of comic books, there will be new issues of Batman, Southern Bastards, Invincible Iron Man, Curse Words, and Animosity, as well as Dark Nights: Metal #1!

We still have Magic Mystery Packs available for sale, we have more Infinity models on the way, and the September schedule is coming soon! Be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media for all the details.


Starting Monday, August 7th upon opening, our special Mystery Packs will go on-sale in-store. The price is $20 + tax (no discounts apply).

They will go on-sale through our web store the morning of Wednesday, August 9th.

Don’t forget to upload yourself opening your Mystery Packs for entries into a drawing to win a revised booster, once all Mystery Packs are sold.

Full details of the promo can be seen here.

You can record or upload opening your repacks here.

And yes, there will be revised booster packs involved. Check out our YouTube video to see what’s coming.

Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub, everyone! August is here, and it’s time to share a new batch of events with you guys:

Don’t miss our next Warmachine & Hordes Steamroller tournament on August 12th, our next Star Wars X-Wing tournament also on August 12th, our Wargaming Demo Open House on August 13th, our next Warhammer 40K tournament on August 19th, our Paint & Play Wargaming Sleepover on August 24th, our Smash Up All-Stars event on August 27th, and our next Game of Thrones LCG tournament on August 28th! Whew! All the details are on our website calendar and our Facebook events section.

As for this week, we’ve got our usual Modern and Commander tonight, the Magic: Hour of Devastation League goes into week 3 tomorrow, D&D Adventurers League is Wednesday, Standard and Paint Night are Thursday (as well as the beginning of week 2 for the Warhammer 40K Fate of Konor Campaign), Friday Night Magic is obviously Friday, Saturday and Sunday are FREE Magic Game Day Standard events, D&D and Pathfinder Society meet up on Saturday, AND there’s a Star Wars Destiny tournament Sunday as well!

Wednesday Warriors will see new issues for Batman, The Walking Dead, X-Men: Gold, Injection, Seven to Eternity, Jessica Jones, Hillbilly, Robotech, and tons more!

We’ve got not one, but TWO big competitive Magic tournaments coming up!

On August 20th check out our Standard StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier, and on August 26th make sure you don’t miss our Modern Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier! We’re adding even more prizes to the mix on both, and awarding all the way down through top 16!

We will soon be taking preorders on Commander 2017 decks and the upcoming Ixalan set as well, so stay tuned!

For all you gamblers, thrill-seekers, ballers, and Magic aficionados out there, we will very soon be offering our new Mystery Packs, chock full of cardboard goodness!

There you go. It’s August at The Portal. It’s like other months, if you covered them in the most delicious sauce known to mankind.


Greetings and salutations to the many fine folk out there in the nerdlands! It’s time for your weekly update. Here’s what’s going on at the shop:

First off, we would like to once again thank everyone who made our first Warhammer 40K tournament a huge success! We had players of all skill levels throwing down, and a good time was had by all. And this is just the beginning! We will be having these events monthly, but for now be sure to check out the Fate of Konor Global Campaign. This six-week narrative campaign will affect the storyline of the Warhammer 40K Universe, and you’ll score some very cool promo items for recording your games with us or painting up new models in the store! Full details can be found on the Events calendar, and you can prepare for Week 1, which begins this Thursday, by checking out the briefing at this link right here.

Magic players: it’s time for another StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier! This Saturday bring your best Modern game, because there are even bigger prizes on the line than usual! We’re throwing in an additional booster box and extending the prize breakdown to include the top 16 players! Get all the info over on the Events calendar.

As always, there are tons of regular events, from Magic to D&D to Game of Thrones and more! You know the drill–click on the Events calendar and prepare yourself for gaming goodness.

As far as new releases go, this week we get the newest set of of Dungeons and Dragons prepainted miniatures, Icons of the Realms: Tomb of Annihilation, as well as a whole metric crapload of new Warhammer 40K Space Marine stuff like a brand new codex, Reivers, and Aggressors! In comics there will be issues of Saga, Deadpool, Secret Empire, The Flash, Detective ComicsBlack Hammer, Lumberjanes, Shirtless Bear-Fighter, and much more!

We’ll be back with the full breakdown for August in a few days. It’s gonna be fire. Fire, right? That’s what the kids say? Anyway, back to my prune juice smoothie and Matlock reruns.

Hi everybody! There’s so much to cover this week, so let’s dive right in:

Big thanks to everyone who showed up for our Takenoko Game Night. We have our raffle winner, and it’s Larry Fredericks! Congrats, and come on down to claim your deluxe copy of Takenoko!

Our Infinity League has just begun, and pairings are available in the shop. It’s not too late to join–We are giving away some very cool promo items for this event!

The sealed Hour of Devastation League for Magic starts tomorrow, and will run for the next four weeks. This is a really cool way to get in some more limited play with the new cards and win promos like the Nicol Bolas D4!

We are only days away from The Portal’s first Warhammer 40K tournament!! This event is capped at 32 players, and preregistration is going on now, so don’t miss out! The dakka begins at 11am on Saturday!

As always, be sure to check out the Events Calendar on the website for a full listing of tournaments and events, from Magic to Dungeons & Dragons to our awesome Paint Night!

New stuff this week: DC Heroclix 15th Anniversary Elseworld boosters, new packs for the Netrunner, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars LCGs, plus a restock on Warhammer 40K Rulebooks and Space Marine Reivers!

We also have some VERY big announcements coming up for the second half of 2017, so stay tuned. You’re gonna love what’s in store.

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