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Surprise! Next month’s update came early! Betcha didn’t see that coming.

*cue sad music*

*cue sad music*

Well that’s just because October is so full of events and shiny new things, and we wanted to help you get a head start. It’s just one of the many services we provide. Behold:

Magic the Gathering, AKA Nerd Poker, AKA Why You’re Broke

So as I’m sure you’re already aware, the newest set, Battle for Zendikar, drops on October 2nd, and as usual we will have lots of boosters, intros, fat packs, singles, and supplies on launch day, though I suspect they’re going to move fast. Then we have several noteworthy events going on soon after that: A Standard PPTQ on the 4th, two Standard Game Day events for the new set on the 24th and 25th, AND a Modern Grand Prix Trial on the 25th. So get brewing, because the formats are about to get massively shaken up! Full details are available in the Events section and the Calendar.

Halloween Comicfest, AKA That Other Free Comic Book Day That Everyone Forgets About

What’s better than Halloween? Getting free spooky comics on Halloween, of course! All day long on the 31st we will be offering up a special selection of FREE comics and other treats, so get on your favorite costume and shamble your way down here! And don’t forget, we still offer a sweet pull list service that will give you 25% off all of your comics, including trades and graphic novels!

Miniature Painting Contest, AKA Crossed Eyes and Hand Cramps

This month we are teaming up with the fine folks at The Army Painter and PHD Distribution to bring you a chance to show off your insane painting skills! Now through October 2nd you can stop in and pick out your favorite 40mm or smaller miniature from any range, then agonize over every teeny brush stroke and bring it back to us by the 30th, so that we may judge it on Halloween, along with anyone who shows up that day to vote on their favorite. We are offering up some lovely store credit prizes for the cream of the crop, including a $50 prize for the best overall! Want some pointers on how to bring out the best in your pieces? On the 18th Lexx will hosting a paint class, so be sure to check it out! For more details call, stop in, or check out the Event Calendar.

7 Wonders Organized Play, AKA The Most Addictive Drafting Game EVER

7 Wonders is the latest Asmodee board game to get its very own organized play kit, complete with awesome promo goodies like playmats and alternate art wonders boards, and all month long we will be getting together on Tuesday nights for some league play! Full details are in the Events Calendar.

And so much more. There’s something going on for everyone, so take a look and then partake. It’s going to be more fun than terrorizing a house full of annoying hipsters!

We too will be blasting Harry Belafonte music.

We too will be blasting Harry Belafonte music.

…(fill in the remaining lines to this saucy limerick, kids). The Portal: We’re interactive!

Time for an update everybody! And no, I didn’t miss August. It’s just that it’s in a special font, and some people can’t see it. Yeah, so there.

It basically just says 'OBEY' a lot.

It basically just says ‘OBEY’ a lot.

Anywho, on to September: The month for premature pumpkin spice offerings, returning to school, and Salami Day. Seriously, that’s a thing. A thing that happens on the 7th. I know, I also had no idea. For us, it means new stuff and big events and this part here where we share that information with YOU, you lucky so-and-so.

Magic the Gathering: Battle For Zendikar

There will be full art land. There will be allies and landfall and Eldrazi, oh my. October 2nd is the launch date, which means the sealed deck Prerelease events are this month, specifically Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. We will have a midnight Prerelease, a 2-Headed Giant, and then a third and final event on Sunday (see the calendar for more details). These events will sell out, so we strongly suggest you stop by as soon as you can and secure your spot in advance. And if you do you’ll save yourself $5 off of the entry fee! We are also taking preorders on BFZ booster boxes and fat packs, at a price that even most online stores can’t beat! Call or stop by to reserve yours today before it’s all gone!

Malifaux: Nythera

Malifaux, in case you haven’t tried it yet, is sweet you guys. This skirmish miniatures game is equal parts wild west, horror, steampunk, and whatever it is that goes on in Tim Burton’s head. It uses no dice, is scenario based, and the models are freaking gorgeous. We have a meetup every other week, run by the awesome Mark Rader, and beginning this month you can play games for their new worldwide event, Nythera. The outcome of these games will affect future storylines and releases! For all the info, visit the Wyrd Games Nythera page.

Reaper Miniatures & Kings of War

We carry them now! You should buy some. The Reaper Bones line is great for those who want fantasy minis that are high quality and low price, and Kings of War is for you if you mourn the loss of Warhammer Fantasy.

Force of Will

This new collectible card game, essentially Magic the Gathering with elaborate anime-style artwork, is all the rage these days, and if you’re itching to test your decks out against the rest of the quickly-growing community, we now have tournament events on the schedule! Beginning in October, due to popular demand, we will have events for FOW, as well as Dragon Ball Z, twice a month, with nifty promo card prizes!

Dice Masters

Look, you know you bought some. It’s hard not to when boosters of cool-looking dice are only a buck a pack. Well now it’s time to play, my friends. You may not be aware, but we have had constructed, hybrid, AND draft events for some time now, and we’re looking to pack the place with players. So grab those tackle boxes and get in here. You’ll be glad you did, because the community for this game is fantastic. Check out the events calendar for info on upcoming tournaments.

And this is just the beginning! October is going to be absolutely stuffed with comic book and gaming goodness, like Halloween Comicfest, our next Magic PPTQ and GPT, AND Organized Play for the 7 Wonders board game!

Oh, it's conceivable. Just wait til we get going.

Oh, it’s conceivable. Just wait til we get going.

Are you ready for some hyperbole?

HYPER... bowling? Come on, man, talk American.

HYPER… bowling? Come on, man, talk American.

July has all of the new releases. ALL OF THEM. Let’s break it down:

July 11th: Warhammer Age of Sigmar- A whole new take on the beloved fantasy wargame, now easier to play and cheaper to get into. We will have a demo copy set up so you can see it in action!

July 17th: Magic the Gathering Origins- The final core set for the hugely popular collectible card game, with neat stuff like legendary creature/planeswalker flip cards and the return of favorites like Goblin Piledriver! We will be having three Prerelease events for the set- check out the events calendar for all the info.

July 3rd/31st: Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan- Trial decks hit first, then the boosters. This anime-themed card game has been getting more and more popular with each new release! Check the calendar for our upcoming tournaments and the Attack on Titan Launch event.

July 3rd: Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection- The new set for the resurrected classic is based on the first four feature films! We now have tournaments for it as well, so keep an eye on that calendar.

July 15th: Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron- The third Marvel-themed set for Wizkids’ Quarriors-meets-Magic head to head dice game! To celebrate we will be holding two Rainbow Draft events at the end of the month, with some very cool promo prizes.

Okay, confession time: I may have been a bit mendacious when I said ”ALL OF THEM”.

Totally MENDACIOUS dude!!

Totally MENDACIOUS dude!!

After all, August will have the new Magic the Gathering board game, Arena of the Planeswalkers(which for now you can demo in the shop), as well as the new From the Vault: Angels(we’ll be taking preorders soon). It will also have(I think) the new 2nd edition of the Game of Thrones living card game. And the Nick Fury Heroclix set, the DC Dice Masters War of Light expansion, and…

So yeah. I guess the bottom line is that if you’re a gamer, you’re going to be quite impecunious. But in that good way.

I am Impecunious, master of tiny hats!

I am Impecunious, master of tiny hats!


This month we celebrate Father’s Day. Not with cards, or offerings of socks and Turtle Wax. No, we celebrate with gaming, because it is a universal language, much like deep-fried foods, or love. All of our featured games are about things dads love. On the 9th we will be podcasting with the the good dad-fearing folk over at Sorry Man, I Farted, and our focus will be on:

TRAINS Because dads love trains. Anything with mechanical bits, especially if it goes fast.

HEROES OF NORMANDIE Because dads love World War II, even if they weren’t in it.

Then on the 23rd we shall reconvene and this time we’ll be playing:

SWORDFISH Because dads love fishing. It allows them to assert their perceived mastery over all sea life.

BLOOD BOWL TEAM MANAGER Because dads love sports, particularly ones where blood is spilled.

Then there are our demo games for the month:

ABRACA…WHAT? Because if there’s one thing dads love more than bad jokes, it’s lame magic tricks.

THREE CHEERS FOR MASTER Because we’re all little minions, trying our best to placate the fatherly rage beast.

BREW CRAFTERS Dad likes beer. Probably too much.

Learn to play one of these from our elite team of slackasses gaming experts and get 20% off of your own copy!

This month we will also be once again hosting FREE RPG DAY on the 20th, so mark that on your character sheets and come on down for some free quick start rules and promo adventure modules, and meet up with the rest of the role-playing game community! Dads are torn on this one, since they like free things (you kids are eating him out of house and home), but think that role-playing is only that thing that mom tried to talk him into once.

And there’s even more going on! We are kicking off the ASMOPLAY program with two tournaments for SPLENDOR, we’re hosting our very first DOOMTOWN tournament, we have two local creators coming in to demo their newest game creations… just check out the calendar for all the details.

It’s a great time to start reading some comics, too! Both DC and Marvel are relaunching a ton of great titles, and adding on even more. Start a pull list with us and get 25% off of all your sequentially situated superheroic stimulation! Dads aren’t the biggest fans of alliteration, however they do appreciate innuendo, and will go looking for it in places where it really wasn’t implied.

Not all dads are named Bob, but ours is.

Not all dads are named Bob, but ours is.

If you are a Magic the Gathering aficionado, then May 22nd is basically going to be a second Christmas for you. That’s right, Modern Masters 2015 is coming, and it brought friends. Friends like Emrakul, Kozilek, Ulamog, Karn, Elesh Norn, Iona, Kiki-Jiki, Skrillex(oops, I mean Dark Confidant), Tarmogoyf, and Guile.

Preorders are almost full, but fear not: We are having three different booster draft events, and we will have singles available, as well as packs for sale at MSRP!

For those of you who prefer tabletop throwdowns of the miniature wargaming variety, this month has more tiny painted men than a Lilliputian mime college! We are hosting the latest season of the Warmachine/Hordes ‘Path of Devastation‘ league all month long, we have a 50 soulstone Story Encounter Malifaux tournament on the 23rd, and we will have a demo day on the 30th for our latest product line, Mantic Games. You can stop by and learn to play Deadzone, Dreadball, Mars Attacks!, and Loka!

Next month we give some love to our roleplaying community as well, with Free RPG Day 2015 on June 20th!

And if you’ve been on the fence about reading comics, now is a great time to start. Following their big summer events, both Marvel and DC will be offering up a ton of new titles that will let you get on at the ground floor. There has also been a steady stream of awesome new books from publishers like Image, Boom!, and Dark Horse. Start a pull list with us today and get all of your comics for 25% off!

Until next time, remember:



Strap in, peoples! It’s about to get all busy and whatnot. This month we have(deep breath):

Tabletop Day!

Magic Sealed Deck Grand Prix Trial Atlantic City on the 12th!

Magic Standard Dragons of Tarkir Game Day on the 18th!

Our first Magic Standard PPTQ on the 19th!

And more! Malifaux, Heroclix, Dungeons & Dragons, Netrunner, Dragon Ball Z, Weiss Schwarz, Dice Masters, Doomtown Reloaded… the list goes on. Check out our Events Calendar for all the tasty details.

But wait, there’s more!

He deserved so much better than this.

He deserved so much better than this.


Next month is Free Comic Book Day!

This just might cause the geek singularity. You better start stocking your shelter with Mountain Dew, bacon, and your top five board games. Just in case.








Now it is the March time, when the weather is kinda sorta maybe not so cold, and the big holiday is all about pretending to be Irish in the most offensive way possible! For us here at The Portal it means lots of things, but the biggest of them would be the release of the new Magic set, Dragons of Tarkir. The Prerelease sealed deck events for it will be really awesome for several reasons:

1. More product, more events! Attendance for our Prereleases has been so big that we now have enough product to support a THIRD tournament! So we will be having our usual 12AM midnight event on the 21st, followed by another later that day at 2PM, and we’ll finish it all off with our usual 1PM on the 22nd! There IS a limit to how many people we can have at each, so as always we encourage you to stop by and preregister as early as you can. As incentive, we’ll knock off a few bucks if you pay in advance, AND we’ll knock off even more if you pay in advance for multiple events! Here’s the breakdown:

Each event is $30 at the door.

If you pay in advance and preregister, one event is $25

If you pay in advance and preregister, two events will be $45

If you pay in advance and preregister for all three events, it’s only $65

Prerelease pack colors will be chosen in the order that everyone signs up, so the earlier you register the better your chance of getting the clan you want most!

2. Tarkir Dragonfury. Prerelease packs always come with neat goodies, and activities you can do between rounds. But there has never been anything quite like this. There will be d20 bowling for promos. Yes, you read that right. DRAGON. D20. BOWLING. FOR PROMOS.

3. The Super De-luxe Portal Treatment. There will be snacks. There will be drinks. There will be door prizes. Oh yes.

Now you might be saying, “Portal Guy, I do not care for the Magic. What merriment do you have for the rest of us?” I have not forgotten you, for I too enjoy the board gaming and the tabletop wars and the playing of different roles…

...and the rolling and the shuffling, with the Meeples and such. Excelsior!

…and the rolling and the shuffling, with the Meeples and such. Excelsior!

Just take a goosey gander over at the Events Calendar, gentle reader. We have days for D&D, Pathfinder, Malifaux, Warhammer 40K, Heroclix, Dice Masters, Dragonball Z, and MORE! Want suggestions for new hotness to introduce to your gaming group? We’ve got that covered as well:



Be all classy and grow some grapes that will later be made into wine, which will later be sold for points, which you need to win. Because losing is for people who drink lesser beverages, like Fresca.



Go forth and build things out of precious wooden resource tokens, to spread like a bipedal blight across the land and sea. While you’re at it, ask the gods for some favors, if they are not too busy shapeshifting and seducing mortals and whatnot.



Change the faces of your dice to score as many points as you can in this race to find the elusive Rattlebones, a wacky clown person thing. Wait, maybe we shouldn’t find him. But this game DOES have monkeys and mice and really neat dice. Heh. That rhymed.

And what does the future hold? Oh, just things like Tabletop Day and Free Comic Book Day and Magic Grand Prix Trials and PPTQs and our Star Wars May the Fourth Celebration. So yeah…


And that means six more weeks of reading comics and gaming! Let us all retreat back into our burrows and snuggle up with some back issues and pillows filled with dice!

And Bill Murray will most likely show up as well.

And Bill Murray will most likely show up as well.


Or if cabin fever is setting in, feel free to retreat into our burrow, where the meeples run wild and free, and the superheroes never actually stay dead. Be sure to check out our events calendar for all the info on what is getting played when, and what prizes will be showered upon you should you be triumphant. Need some recommendations? Here’s what our staff is all jazzed about right now:

SCOVILLE  more info

What this world has been missing for so long: a board game which celebrates the hottest peppers known to mankind.

What this world has been missing for so long: a board game which celebrates the hottest peppers known to mankind.


PANDEMIC: THE CURE  learn more

You're still working together to save the world from deadly outbreaks. But now you do it with dice, which makes it twice as awesome.

You’re still working together to save the world from deadly outbreaks. But now you do it with dice, which makes it twice as awesome.



Fly ships full of sewer pipes through the most dangerous regions of space, and get handsomely while doing it!

Fly ships full of sewer pipes through the most dangerous regions of space, and get paid handsomely while doing it!


These fine games are available in the shop, where you can try them out and then get 20% off of your very own copy!

Until next time, don’t drive angry.

I was going to post this update in a timely fashion. I swear. Stop laughing. There I was, typing away, when suddenly a majestic unicorn appeared before me. He introduced himself as Tylenol with Codeine, then teleported me away from my responsibilities and into a cavern filled with vodka elementals.


Or maybe it was my cat, and I had too much cold medicine. Same difference.

Or maybe it was my cat, and I had too much cold medicine. Same difference.


But that adventure is behind me, and it is once again time to inform you all of our plans to take over the world upcoming events and other forms of nerdly merriment.


A new Magic set is nearly upon us, and it is full of DWAGONS! Oh yes. Want some early? Of course you do. Then check out our sealed deck Prerelease events on the 17th and 18th. For a mere $25 you get some new boosters, a spindown d20, a neat pin, a foil promo card, AND a special Ugin’s Fate pack! There will be refreshments spiked with caffeine and lots and lots of prize packs and random door prizes too! We only have room for 50 players each day, so get your butt pre-registered nowish! Then on the 23rd the set officially drops, and we will have the usual metric crapload of packs, fat packs, intro packs, supplies, and singles for you, along with another sealed deck event, the Launch Party! In the meantime, those of you who enjoy cheap booster boxes might want to take advantage of our preorder special and score yourself a foil Shamanic Revelation in the process.


In the world of tabletop there lives a very special skirmish game that is equal parts wild west adventure, wacky steampunk, and pants-pooping horror, and it wants you to come on over for a soulstone-spiked glass of whoop-ass. Say hello to Malifaux, one of our newest additions, and a fantastic little diceless game that is perfect for new players with less money to burn as well as veterans who are looking for something a little different from space marine A shooting at space marine B. We will be running demos all day on the 10th, followed up with a four week league with lots of cool prizes!


The newest additions to our events calendar include the return of a rather popular card game about screaming dudes whose hair turns blonde, the unholy fusion of Quarriors and Magic and Marvel comics, and an oddly-named collection of anime properties that are trying to achieve a climax. See our events calendar for all of the details.


Here they are, the games that Lexx and I are currently obsessed with. Come on in and borrow the store copies(or get a demo if we aren’t pinned down by Commander players without lists) and discover why we prefer them to actual work! Bonus: they are 20% off this month!

Plan yourself a nice little place for scared city dwellers to run off to!

Plan yourself a nice little place for scared city dwellers to run off to!


Agriculture! Hoarding! Starving!

Agriculture! Hoarding! Starving!



And what does the future hold? Well, a little birdy(this one was named Robitussin DM) has it on good authority that there will be a Warhammer 40K Kill Team league, more of me trying to get all of you to play Netrunner, D&D Attack Wing events, and much more! See you next month!



Hi everybody!


First of all, we’d like to finally give you all of the details for our new Customer Loyalty Program. We have a new system in place, and we are doing our best to switch everyone over. During this process, we will be asking you to update your phone number and email information. Phone numbers will only be used to call you when special orders arrive, and you will only receive emails containing event calendars and sale promotions: YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT BE SHARED. What do YOU get out of this deal? An ongoing discount on everything in the store except for event fees, food and drinks, existing sale items. The system works in tiers. We track how much you spend with us, and when you spend enough to reach the next tier your discount increases.

$0-$99 spent: no discount

$100-$999 spent: 5% discount

$1000-$9999 spent: 10% discount

$10000+: 15% discount

Do you have a discount under our old system? Fear not, my friends: YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET YOUR CURRENT DISCOUNT, AND IT WILL NOT GO DOWN. This discount is our way of saying thank you for being a regular customer, and is based on only what YOU have spent with us, so you will not be able to share it with others. We are willing to work with you on this, and make exceptions under certain conditions(If, for example, you have used someone else’s discount for years and are mainly responsible for getting it to the tier it’s at), but this is NOT something that can be passed around large groups of friends in order to game our system. We hope you understand where we’re coming from. We are a business, and we want you to shop with us and save some cash, but we need to keep those lights on and make sure the mop’s paycheck doesn’t bounce.

Another feature of our new system is that you will be able to check up on how much store credit(now called JP Funbux) you currently have. We will be sending out our first email soon, and it will have a link that will allow you to log in at any time and check on the Funbux you’ve accrued through winning events or trading things in. Neat, right?

Next up: SALES! If  you’re anything like us then you are a terrible procrastinator, and you don’t get all of your holiday shopping done until the day before, hastily wrapping them in whatever is handy while sweating drops made of pure slacker shame. It is in that spirit that we present THE PORTAL PROCRASTINATOR’S LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY SALE! We will be kicking it off on December 20th, and it will go straight through until we close at 5pm on the 24th. Here’s the breakdown:

Comic book back issues will once again be $1 each!

All games will be 25% off, which includes wargames, card games, role-playing games, AND board games, though this does not apply to supplies!

All toys and action figures will be 40% off!

A bunch of other stuff will be discounted as well, so be sure to swing by!

And for those of you who have been bummed that we don’t discount our singles during these sales, we will be having a d20 Magic and minis singles sale! On Saturday, December 20th ONLY you can roll our magical D20 0′ Sales, and whatever number you roll is the percentage off of your singles purchases you will receive for the day. If you roll under what your current Loyalty discount is then we’ll let you ADD that number together with your current discount! But wait, there’s more! If you are signed up for our new Customer Loyalty Program we’ll let you have a free reroll, keeping the higher number! And if you crit and roll a natural 20 on your first try you’ll get 25% off!

It sees savings in your future. And some botched saving throws.

It sees savings in your future. And some botched saving throws.


Do not distress, my fellow paycheck-to-paycheck ramen noodle eaters! Good Guy Portal has got your back.

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