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Before I announce the winner of our Garruk standee raffle, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for coming out to our M15 Prerelease and Launch Party events, and for buying buttloads of singles, packs, and assorted ephemera. This has been one of our most successful Magic launches to date! Our first M15-legal Standard tournament is tomorrow, and it will be great practice for our StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier which is coming up on the 27th!

Here we go(drum roll)! The winner of this:











Is Tim Lyter! Congrats, sir! We will be stalking you in the dead of night giving you a call soon to confirm, and then you can swing by and grab it when you’re ready. It will provide hours of terror in your home(Slappy not included)!

Warhammer 40K players, you’re on deck! Let’s make tomorrow’s 1500 point tournament kick all manner of Xenos buttocks!

A new Magic Core Set is nearly upon us, and this one looks INSANE. There are many ways you can celebrate the insanity with us, and almost none of them involve weaving baskets or shock therapy.

First we have the Prereleases: one at midnight(Friday the 11th going into Saturday the 12th), and one on Sunday at noon. They are $25, Sealed Deck format, and will feature Prerelease packs in each of the five colors. There is a limited amount of product, so seating is limited to 50 players at each event, and colors will be chosen in the order that you sign up(preregistration is now open, BTW). In each pack there will be 5 M15 boosters, a seeded booster(to help you deckbuild in that color), a FOIL PROMO CARD(which you can use in your deck), a spindown life counter, and a Garruk the Slayer activity pack. The activity pack is pretty sweet. You get an oversized Garruk card and 3 wolf tokens, and you can challenge Garruk with your sealed deck, and then either cry out in victory or defeat while in front of our giant cardboard standee of the mighty Planeswalker, record it and upload it at www.HuntBiggerGame.com, and then have a chance to win a GIANT NERF REPLICA OF HIS AXE.

It may or may not look like this. And smell like angry goats.

It may or may not look like this. And smell like angry goats.














For those of you who want to get your paws on the intro packs early there will also be open dueling for both events, while they last. Why else should you attend our Prereleases? Well, we have comfy chairs, air conditioning that works, and a super fun atmosphere. Still not convinced? There will be lots of prize packs up for grabs(2 thrown into the prize pool for each player), we’ll be serving up snacks and drinks, AND there will be some neat random door prizes given out as well!

Then there’s the official launch on Friday the 18th, which will be a $12 booster draft with 3 packs of M15, beginning at 7pm. Everyone who enters this event gets a promo foil ‘In Garruk’s Wake’ card(while supplies last) in addition to prizes for the top finishers in each pod. That same day we will have all the M15 Core Set for sale: boosters, intro packs, fat packs, supplies, and singles!

Remember that giant 8 foot Garruk standee I mentioned earlier?














We are raffling that bad boy away on the 19th, and you(yes YOU) have several chances to win it! Each of our three M15 events that you play in get you a raffle ticket, AND each time you are in the top 8 in those events you get yet another raffle ticket!

We hope to see you this weekend, Magic peeps. It’s going to be more fun than a bucket of beebles!

Mmm. Beebles.

Mmm. Beebles.


Hello all! We hope you have been enjoying the lovely lizard weather, with the sizzling and the loud and whatnot. It’s time to tell you about what we’re plotting and planning for July, so here it goes:


Magic the Gathering players! Good news! You have way too many events this month! First up we have the M15 Core Set Prereleases, which will be the 12th and 13th, and filled with sealed deck wackiness. After that will be the booster draft Launch Party on the official release day, July 18th. We are taking preregistration on all three of these events since product is limited, so stop by and plop down the entry to secure yourself a spot. We are also taking preorders on booster boxes for the bargain price of $100 each, and each person who does so will also get the Buy-a-Box foil promo card while supplies last. For more info please check out our calendar/events section and this link. After all of that madness there will be another StarCityGames Invitational Qualifier on the 27th, loaded with Standard format goodness and prizes galore. Observe. And all of this is in addition to the Sunday constructed events and Friday Night Magic drafts and Commander nights we normally have going on!


Wargamers! We haven’t forgotten you! This month will contain a 1500 point Warhammer 40K tournament, a 2000 point Warhammer fantasy tournament, a 35 point Warmachine/Hordes spell draft tournament, AND a learn-to-paint class with Lexx! Peruse the calendar/events section and feel the love, then plan accordingly. We are also hard at work building and painting even more terrain for you glorious freaks to stain with imaginary blood. There will also soon(hopefully) be full-blown demo days for games like Malifaux, Infinity, Anima Tactics, MERCS, Relic Knights, and Wrath of Kings!


This I am quite excited about: A THEME DEMO MONTH! For this, the month in which we celebrate that time that Will Smith punched out an alien and Randy Quaid flew a plane into a spaceship and Jeff Goldblum said some gibberish and stopped an invasion with an Apple laptop, we will be sharing games with all of you that are so full of red, white, and blue that playing them will bring Teddy Roosevelt back from the dead! Learn to play any of these and get 20% off of your very own copy! Behold:

You and your other fellow delegates will rock the Constitutional Convention, leaving your ideas etched forever in our country's greatest document, and perhaps in your opponents' powdered wigs.

You and your other fellow delegates will rock the Constitutional Convention, leaving your ideas etched forever in our country’s greatest document, and your political fury etched into your opponents’ wig-covered heads. Well, maybe not that second part.













Just like all of those red-faced pundits warned, the Commies are coming for us, but it won't be easy because guns!

Just like all of those red-faced pundits warned, the Commies are coming for us, but it won’t be easy because guns!













Race to be the first country to build the bomb so you can terrify everyone else into never messing with you again!

Race to be the first country to build the bomb so you can terrify everyone else into never messing with you again!

















So there you have it. July. The three ‘M’s. As always, we look forward to gaming with you. Right, Rob Liefeld?



It’s almost Summer. You know what that means: songs by Will Smith, weather that makes you want to punch things, and children running amok in the streets that for some weird reason you aren’t allowed to shoot with tazers. But it is also traditionally a time for picnics, and epicness. That is where local gamemakers Eric Cesare and Anthony Rando come in. These fine gentlemen created the card game Epic Picnic, and now they want to share it with YOU, you lucky so-and-so.












The game, funded with the pixie dust magic of Kickstarter, is a frenetic and morally-bankrupt multiplayer competition that will test your memory and the boundries of good taste. Tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, the creators will be giving demos in our shop from 1 to 3 pm, and they will have copies on hand that you can purchase through us. So get yer butts in here and have some fun. You’ve earned it.

For more info, visit: deviousdevices











You want these, the most amazing squirrel tokens ever printed, right? Of course you do. You might also have a desire for cards like Misdirection, Mirari’s Wake, Exploration, Reya Dawnbringer, and Reflecting Pool. Those are also in the new Magic the Gathering set, Conspiracy. Do we have this set in stock? Why YES, yes we do. We have packs, we have boxes, we have singles, we have Ultra Pro supplies, AND we will be having not one but TWO events to celebrate its arrival. You see, Conspiracy is meant to be booster drafted and then played multiplayer. So Friday night at 7pm and Sunday at 1pm, for only $15 in American Dollar Units, you too can get in on the fun. And while supplies last you’ll also get one of these lovlies:











But really, it’s all about the squirrels. Those who hoard the nuts control the world. They’re always watching. I can’t say any more right now. Too dangerous.

Look at it. Just… look.









Free RPG Day goodies. How do you get your hands on this treasure trove of storytelling delights? Simple. You just show up on Free RPG Day, which is on Saturday, June 21st. So what else is involved besides the swag? That’s where you folks come in. We are currently looking for seasoned gamemasters to run some of these fine modules, so if you’re interested just shoot us an email(ordering@theportalcomicsandgaming.com) and we’ll add you to the schedule, and give you a nifty reward for helping out! We have Dungeon Crawl Classics, Castles & Crusades, 13th Age, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess(which we now also have the rulebooks for), as well as Valiant Universe, Cosmic Patrol, Shadowrun/Battletech, Mage, Pathfinder, and more! Check out the website here for all the info. There may just be a surprise or two in store, so you’ll definitely want to swing on by if you’re a fan of role-playing games.

Devlan says, "Roll plastic stones, stupid sacks of meat and hair!"

Devlan says, “Roll plastic stones, stupid sacks of meat and hair!”

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only


That’s right: On Saturday, May 24th the new 7th Edition of the Warhammer 40,000 Rules hits store shelves with a power fist. It will be sold as a trio of hardcover books in a slipcase: one dedicated to the hobby, one to the story behind the game, and a third to the new rules. This beast will sell for $85, which we realize is a hefty investment, particularly since the 6th Edition Rules just came out about two years ago. Games Workshop is allowing new players to trade in their 6th Edition hardcover rulebooks for a credit towards the new ones. So if you purchased one from us within the last 90 days, just bring it in(with the receipt if possible) and for ten bucks you’ll have yourself a copy without having to shell out all over again! For the rest of you, we will be taking preorders starting this Saturday, May 17th, and we have a special deal to help cushion the blow a bit. If you come into the shop by the 23rd and pay in advance to reserve a copy we will give you a 20% discount on it. In addition to the books, on the 24th there will also be a new set of Psychic Cards available, as well as the new Tactical Objective cards, which sound like they’ll add a fun new dimension to the game.

There will be lots of events coming up in the next few months to support this new edition, so keep checking in, and let us know if you have any suggestions for tournaments you’d like to see from us.

Sorry, 'Giant d6 Dodgeball' is not a valid format.

Sorry, ‘Giant d6 Dodgeball’ is not a valid format.

Helllllloooooooooooo!(That was a Mrs. Doubtfire ‘hello’, so adjust your inner bad accent software accordingly) This past week was another huge success, and we thank you all SO much for making it happen. The Journey into Nyx Launch for Magic was awesome, and we look forward to seeing you for Game Day on the 25th, where you’ll get to punch Xenagos in his stupid drunken face. Stay tuned, because soon we’ll be taking preorders for Conspiracy and setting up some more nifty events! Free Comic Book Day on Saturday was the largest one we’ve ever had, and brought tons of great people, some who were picking up and reading comics for the very first time!

The KP Clan, captured on film in the wild for the first time.

The KP Clan, captured on film in the wild for the first time.











This weekend we are having Privateer Play Day, which is simply a day for playing the incredibly cool games of Privateer Press. We will have store copies of High Command, Scrappers, Infernal Contraption, Zombies Keep Out!, Heap, Bodgermania, and Level 7 for all to enjoy, as well as copies for sale AND some new promos to go with them! And if you sign in when you come down you’ll be entered in a drawing to score some unique art prints. For more info, check out THIS.

What else is right around around the corner? A little birdie in power armor told me that a brand new edition of Warhammer 40K hits VERY soon, and we’ll keep you up to date on that. Next month we will once again be having FREE RPG DAY, and in July we’ll be having Magic M15 events AND another StarCity Invitational Qualifier!

So until we meet again, I’ll be traveling to alternate universes and high-fiving other versions of myself.

saga lying



Hi everybody! May is here, and that means many things of varying levels of radness, so let’s get to it.

First up, our Magic: Journey into Nyx prereleases went incredibly well, so big thanks to all who attended and helped out!









Our first event also saw the opening of one of the super rare ‘Divine Gift’ god packs containing ALL FIFTEEN GODS!

Congrats, Stephen!

Congrats, Stephen!










But wait, there’s more! This Friday, May 2nd is Launch Day, so you’ll not only be able to get your hands on Journey into Nyx boosters, fat packs, intro packs, singles, and supplies; You’ll also be able to play in our Sealed Deck event at 7pm and score even more promos and prize packs! And then it all culminates with the final stop on the Hero’s Path: Journey into Nyx Game Day on May 25th! There will be a free Standard tournament with the usual sweet promo prizes AND you’ll be able to play against Xenagos and his ‘Defeat a God’ Challenge Deck!

In other tournament news, we had what will be the first of many board game events, featuring the ridiculously fun King of Tokyo.









There was much smashing and stomping and beating of face, but in the end only one can be king, and it was Bruno who claimed the Space Penguin and the right to throw down at Nationals, which are being held at GenCon.












This weekend, Saturday May 3rd is that most glorious of days, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! All day long you can stop by and claim any 5 books or promotional items as your own, completely free of charge! Full details and a list of what will be available can be found HERE. You don’t want to miss this, as it will rule the schools and rock the socks. But you don’t have to take MY word for it. Take his:

Taste the rainbow!

The week after, on Saturday May 10th, we celebrate all things steampunky, piratey, and gobberlike with PRIVATEER PLAY DAY! For ten hours we will rock the games of Privateer Press, giving out promos and registering folks to win things like nifty art prints along the way! You can borrow our copies of games like Level 7[Omega Protocol], High Command, Bodgermania, and many more, and play them until you explode with glee like a bile thrall! For more info take a look at THIS.

Finally, a new month means new demo games! Here’s what we want to shove onto your tabletops this time around:

The incredibly addictive game of gemstone mining and merchanting(which isn't a word)!

The incredibly addictive game of gemstone mining and merchanting(which isn’t a word)!











Build a deadly dungeon, then lure the intrepid heroes to their terrible 8-bit doom!

Build a deadly dungeon, then lure the intrepid heroes to their terrible 8-bit doom!














Cthulhu-flavored Monopoly, only about ten million times better than that description implies.

Cthulhu-flavored Monopoly, only about ten million times better than that description implies.














The living card game that is sweeping all of the parts of the world that aren't stubbornly obsessed with Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! Play as a corporation or a hacker, fighting for control or exposure of hidden agendas.

The living card game that is sweeping all of the parts of the world that aren’t stubbornly obsessed with Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! Play as a corporation or a hacker, fighting for control or exposure of hidden agendas.















Learn any of these games from one of us this month and get your very own copy for 20% off!

There’s lots of other stuff I didn’t have the room to mention nestled lovingly over in the calendar, so give it a look-see. Until next time, remember: Stand your ground.




Greetings! First I have to remind you again about our Magic the Gathering: Journey into Nyx prerelease events this weekend. There are still spots available, but that won’t last for long. You can reserve one by coming into the shop and plopping down $25 in American Dollar Units. There will be one sealed deck event at midnight Saturday morning, and one Sunday at noon. Full details can be found over in the calendar. Be there, or be a kaka-poophead-jerkface.

This week there were so many new releases, it will make your shriveled little game-deprived hearts grow three sizes today! Grinch Who Stole Christmas jokes in April- because my medication hasn’t kicked in yet! In addition to new Warmachine, Malifaux, Munchkin, and living card game releases, we now have THIS:

If only the box played the Guile theme song...

If only the box played the Guile theme song…











Additional Floopage!

Additional Floopage!












And then THIS:


They only want a hug.

They only want a hug.












THIS too:


Yub nub!

Yub nub!












And more! So come on down, and we will gladly shut up and take your money.