A Greater, Slightly Later Update-inator

Hello once again, my geeks, nerds, dorks, and assorted hobbyists and ne’er-do-wells! I have SO much to share with you. So, without further ado, may I present:



It’s our first gaming and beverage collaboration! Every Sunday at 1pm join Jared as he teaches folks to play some of his favorite board games, all while trying extra hard not to imbibe too much. Speaking of, this event is open to everyone, but of course you must be 21 years or older to enjoy the many yummy flavors of mead available on tap or in bottles to go. Big thanks to Dave and all of the amazing guys and gals at The Colony Meadery and The Moravian Book Shop for helping make this a thing!


It’s also our first time featuring customer art in the store! Starting off with our good friend Tyrone Webb and his amazing Sci-Fi landscape paintings, we will be featuring local artists in our game room. It’s a win-win: We get a game room that looks awesome, and you have an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Lehigh Valley’s creative community. All pieces are available for sale, BTW, so by all means slap down some cash. And if you’re a local artist who’d like some exposure, particularly if you work in fantasy/sci-fi/comics, contact us and we’ll hook you up with some wall space!

He made these entirely with spray paint. SPRAY PAINT. I'll give that a moment to sink in.

He made these entirely with spray paint. SPRAY PAINT. I’ll give that a moment to sink in.


Where to begin? Magic players, there has never been a better time to play at The Portal. Why? Well, let’s see…

-We have added regular Commander and Pauper events to the schedule!

-We will be having FOUR Prerelease events for Shadows over Innistrad (And we’re now taking preorders on boxes and fat packs, as well as preregistration for these events, so get on that)!

-We will be having special Sunday tournaments all month long with EXPEDITION LANDS as prizes (See the events calendar for more info)!

-We continue to offer some of the best trade-in prices in the area, and we’re once again buying collections for cash, so we’re well-stocked in singles!

-Now through the end of May we are having our first ever STORE CHAMPIONSHIP, and here’s how it works:

Beginning this Sunday, March 6th, through May 31st, every single Magic the Gathering event you play in at the shop will give you Championship points. The top 4 players with the best overall points totals at the end of that period will win some ridiculous prizes! We’ll start with the points. You get:

+1 point for every event you play in

+2 points for every event you win (or get 1st place in by tie breakers)

+1 point for every event you get 2nd-4th place in (by tie breakers if necessary)

that total multiplied by x2 during Prereleases, Grand Prix Trials, and Game Days

that total multiplied by x3 during Star City Invitational Qualifiers

And now the prizes (Are you sitting down?):

1st place overall will get a SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2015 BLACK PLANESWALKER SET (complete in original box) AND a booster box of ETERNAL MASTERS!

2nd place overall will get a sealed DUEL DECKS ANTHOLOGY AND a booster box of ETERNAL MASTERS!

3rd and 4th place overall will get a booster box of ETERNAL MASTERS!

That's right. Get hyped.

That’s right. Get hyped.

The Eternal Masters will be available for pickup on June 10th. Prizes are non-transferable. In the event of ties, we will set up special events to determine the winner. These events will most likely be a silly format, because Jared enjoys torturing you.


Things start to really get sick next month, with the addition of STAR WARS NIGHT and LIVING CARD GAME NIGHT, as well as the upcoming INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY 2016 and FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! We will also be making appearances at the next MEPACon and some local comic book and gaming conventions. Whew!

So there you go. We’re back and at full freaking power. The events calendar has returned, so please take a moment to check it out. More and more people are signing up for our comic book pull list (The best in the area at a monstrous 25% off, in our humble and not-at-all-biased opinion), so if you’re a fan please check that out as well. And we’ll see you all in roughly thirty days.


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