The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: International Tabletop Day & Free Comic Book Day!

Greetings, one and all! The best two Saturdays of our year are almost upon us, and I have the honor of unloading all of the juicy details for you. Let’s get to it:


Tabletop2016For those of you who are not familiar with the awesomeness that is TTD, it is simply a day to get together and enjoy some tabletop games with the community, which is what we are all about. From 9AM to 9PM we will have the doors to our demo copy cabinets open, so that all may partake of the cardboard and plastic meeplery contained within. Borrow any of our OVER 600 GAMES and give them a try with others who are hanging out in the shop. Then play another. And another. It’s just that simple. Well, there’s a bit more to it. Like…

SALES! All of our games (accessories/singles/hobby supplies excluded) will be 20% OFF!(cannot be combined with other discounts-register takes highest) In addition, we will have select games on special sale at an even higher discount!

REFRESHMENTS! We will have an assortment of food and beverage snacky treats on hand, because we know better than most that slaying dragons, annihilating opposing armies, bluffing out your friends, and placing workers is serious business which requires a steady influx of fuel.

THEMED DEMO SESSIONS! I’ve just returned from PAX East, and I scoured the aisles for the most amazing new games from indie creators and developers, and I will be showing you how to play my favorites, as well as offering them for sale!

9AM-11AM: PIRATE DEN (3-5 players) A fast-paced bluffing game about grabbing as much loot as possible and then burying it so that your rivals can’t do the same to you. For more info, click here.

pirate-den_lqo1ag11:30AM-1:30PM: ALCHEMY! (2-5 players) It’s a test of magical mixing, as you race to make the best potions, both to show off for points and to drink for funsies. For more info, click here.

alchemy-the-card-game-example-cards12PM-4PM: GRUFF (2-4 players) A tactical card game about battles between mutated monster goats! For more info, click here.

gruff4:30PM-6:30PM: HIGH HEAVENS (2-4 players) A strategic miniature combat game with great looking figures and brilliant mechanics where one pantheon of ancient gods battles against another for cosmic supremacy! For more info, click here.

highheavens7PM-9PM: EVIL GENIUS DEATHRAY (2-6 players) In this card game play as an evil genius bent on world domination and build your own deathray while sabotaging others! For more info, click here.

EVILGENIUSSPECIAL GUESTS! Local game designer Anthony Rando from Devious Devices will be stopping by to beta test the prototype of their latest creation, and you are all invited to weigh in on:

sharknado_bg_logo_383x140 That’s right, the officially licensed tabletop game of the cult-hit franchise, this is a cooperative, scenario-based game for 1 to 4 players, ages 15 and up. Players assume the roles of brave citizens of a coastal city, working together to battle hordes of man-eating sharks as they attempt to thwart the ultimate weather phenomenon! *Chainsaw sold separately.*


fcbd2016Just as the name implies, for FCBD you stop into the shop between 9AM and 9PM, and we let you pick out up to 5 free comics that you get to take home and enjoy and share with all the people in your life who are desperately in need of cool things. We will also have lots of other neat promos available, and our entire stock of comics will be 25% OFF! (Cannot be combined with other discounts- register takes highest) And speaking of 25% discounts, you can get that year-round by signing up for our pull list service, nudge nudge wink wink. For a full list of the available titles, click here.

There you have it. We’ll see you crazy kids soon! Do us a solid and help spread the word, won’t you?


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