June: The Dice Must Flow

Do not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. After all, there’s so much to get all jazzed about this month, you’ll forget all about that silly existential stuff.

In the wacky world of Magic the Gathering, the amazing reprint set known as Eternal Masters hits on the 10th, and for a very limited time we will have booster packs for sale as well as a small selection of singles. On the 12th and 26th we will be having a few booster drafts with this incredible set as well. For all the spoilery goodness, click here.

In the even wackier world of roleplaying games, June 18th will be the 10th anniversary of Free RPG Day! Come on down and get your adventurer’s mitts +2 vs. wallet drain on some free intro modules and other goodies, and while you’re here learn to play something new and take advantage of our sales!

freerpg2There’s also the first month of Civil War Heroclix on the 16th, a Star Wars X-Wing tournament on the 30th, a demo for the new miniature game Guild Ball on the 25th, and more! Check out our calendar for full details.

We’re also proud to announce that board games are about to get even more love from the newly expanded crew at The Portal! As always, Jared will continue to pick new favorites every month, and if you get a demo of one of them from him you’ll get 20% off your very own copy. For June it’s:

World’s Fair 1893

worlds-fair-1893-box-3DIt’s thematic, it’s educational, and it’s fun! With great mechanics and a ton of replayability, this is going to be a serious contender for top games of the year! Click for more info


quadThis lovely little city-building game is all about drafting buildings and other features, and then strategically placing them to score the most points. Plus, it has acrylic meeples! Click for more info

High Heavens

highheavensIt’s all-out war between pantheons of ancient gods! You summon them to the board and set them loose on your opponent, and all the stats are kept track of using a very cool ringchip system! And the minis look fantastic, too. Click for more info

In addition, beginning at the end of this month we will have a special Board Game Night on Tuesdays, where our new recruits will be running demos, holding raffles, and more!

All this is leading up to our Summer of Tabletop event on July 9th, which will feature demos, contests, sales, podcasts, and all sorts of gaming madness!

So enjoy that air conditioning, grab a frosty beverage, and spend Summer the right way: Indoors, away from the deadly day-moon, with a comic book in hand and a game set up on the table.

Beaches are for weirdos.

Beaches are for weirdos.



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