August Update: Sharing is Caring

Greetings and salutations, party people! We have so much to cover, so let’s get down to it.

Magic players: We have been listening to your feedback, and we have implemented some changes that we think you will really like. We now have a much more fixed calendar of events, so that you’ll consistently know what to expect from us and plan accordingly. Monday will be Modern, Tuesday will be casual/StarCity Game Night, Thursday will be Standard, Friday Night Magic will be Modern and Booster Draft, Sunday will be Standard, and Saturdays will be for special events like IQs, PPTQs, Game Days, etc(there are some leftover special events that will be on Sundays for now, but going forward we’re shooting for Saturdays). The full details are on our website calendar and the in-store calendars, so please take a gander at them.

NO, not THAT kind of gander.

NO, not THAT kind of gander.

While we’re on the subject of Magic, we are also now taking preorders on Conspiracy: Take the Crown, Kaladesh, and From the Vault: Lore (see sidebar on the right), AND we have some very big tournament announcements to share:

Saturday, November 26th we will be having a Modern tournament for Shock Land and Fetch Land playsets, and Saturday, December 17th we will be having a Standard tournament for promo hotness, which will include the SDCC Exclusive 2016 Planeswalker Set! Full details will be posted soon, so keep an eye on this spot.

Our Board Game Nights have been a real crowd pleaser, so if you haven’t checked one out yet, take a Tuesday night and spend it with us and some quality cardboard! Earn points by playing featured games, enter our raffle, and get big discounts on all sorts of items. In August we’re highlighting: King of Tokyo, King of New York, Boss Monster, Legendary, Munchkin, Merchants & Marauders, Pirate’s Den, Via Nebula, Dastardly Dirigibles, Dead of Winter, and The Grizzled! Whew!

Jared, because he is hopelessly addicted to board games, is still choosing a favorite each month to demo to you all. If you are lucky enough to catch him in his natural habitat and he is not running around like a maniac, he will show you the amazing customizable deckbuilding game Mystic Vale. And you will love it as he does.

Stare into these spooky tree eyes and feel the love.

Stare into these spooky tree eyes and feel the love.

And lastly, because our robot overlords demanded it, we have expanded our social media empire to now include the Instagrams (theportalcng) and the Snapchats (ThePortalCnG). So you can find us here, there, and on the Facebooks (@theportalcomics) and Tweeters (@ThePortalComics) too! AND our store is a Pokemon Go gym!

Have a fun and safe Summer, campers. May your mini golf scores be low, may your soft serve be piled high, and may your air conditioning never fail you.

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