More Magic Than You Can Shake a Fogbeast At

Winter will be over before you know it, and guess what that means. Outdoor activities? Increased social interaction? a cheerier general disposition for you and those around you? Wrong on all counts, sillies. It means lots of new Magic the Gathering cards! But don’t take it from me, take it from our favorite forest-dwelling man of the mana, Larry Fogbeast:


That’s right: We are now taking booster box preorders for Modern Masters 2017 ($210, limit 1 per customer, releases 3/17) and for Amonkhet ($100 each, releases 4/28), so hurry up and reserve yours today before they’re all gone!


We are also taking preregistration for our weekend of Modern Masters 2017 booster drafts ($35, 3/17-3/19, see Events Calendar for full details) and Amonkhet Prereleases ($25, 4/22 & 4/23, again see the Events Calendar), and product is limited, so sign up ASAP, peoples!

And for those of you who hunger for competition, we have even more Standard, Modern, Booster Drafts, and Frontier coming up, including FNM, Game Days, Open Houses, Leagues, Standard Showdowns, GPTs, PPTQs, and SCG Invitational Qualifiers. *phew!*

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