Free RPG Day: Roll Initiative!

It’s here!

Saturday is Free RPG Day, and here are all of the details:

We have ordered a single kit of free promo items, which includes everything from startup rules booklets to dice to miniatures, and the full list of available items can be found right here. Due to the small quantities of items, we are strictly limiting the freebies to ONE ITEM PER PERSON. This will help make sure that everyone who stops in gets something. Please please please don’t try to game the system. Don’t bring neighbors or feral children in the hopes of scoring more stuff. We’ve seen the shenanigans before, and we WILL kindly show you the exit with your bag of holding empty. Please don’t be a jerkface. Thanks.

In addition to the free goodies, we will also be having 20% OFF of all of our RPG items: books, starter sets, miniatures, and more! This discount does not stack with any other discounts, and is good only for Free RPG Day.

There will be a spread of free snacks and drinks as well, and back in our game room there will be some of our favorite Game Masters running quickstart adventures for the following games:

Dungeons & Dragons: 4th Edition

Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition


13th Age

Torg Eternity(1pm)

Unless a different time is listed above, these sessions will begin around 11am, run for an hour or two, and then repeat throughout the day when we have enough interested players.

So join us–it’s going to be more fun than a dungeon full of owlbears!



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