Weekly Update 8/21 – 8/27

Happy ‘Don’t Look at the Sun Day’ everybody!

We’ve got some very nifty events and releases this week, so without further delay, here we go:

This Thursday from 5pm until whenever everyone gets too sleepy, we’re having our Paint & Play Sleepover! It’s a night for painting minis, playing minis games, and slamming down caffeine. It doesn’t end until everyone taps out. Please note: You can’t actually sleep here. While we encourage wearing pajamas, please don’t plan for any snoozing.

Then on Saturday it’s our big Magic the Gathering Modern PPTQ, and this one’s got cash prizes, a pack of Revised as a door prize, and a structure that awards all the way down to top 16! You don’t want to miss this one!

On Sunday, in addition to our Magic Standard Showdown and Star Wars Destiny tournament, we’ll be having a special Smash Up All-Stars event! Everyone who enters will play the base game in an elimination tournament for awesome promos like a playmat, upgraded tokens, and all-new faction cards!

New releases for this week include new Hordes Grymkin models, the updated General’s Handbook for Age of SigmarHarry Potter DBG: Monster Box of Monsters, a new wave of Infinity models, the new Farmer’s Guild faction for Guild Ball, and of course the new Magic the Gathering Commander 2017 decks, which will be available in all their tribal glory on Friday!

Hot comic book issues include The Flash, Secret Empire, Black Hammer, Lumberjanes, Rick and Morty, Shirtless Bear-Fighter, Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor, Nightwing: The New Order, and the final issue of Letter 44!

And don’t forget: We still have Magic Mystery Packs available, and we’re now taking preorders on booster boxes and preregistration for all of the upcoming Magic: Ixalan Prereleases at the end of next month!

There you have it. Until next week, stay safe out there. That means NO. LOOKING. DIRECTLY. AT. THE. SUN. We really cannot stress this enough.

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