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Welcome to the future, fellow nerdlings! The hospitals are full of hoverboard injuries, Crystal Pepsi is coming back, and you all probably got one of these cute little buggers for Christmas:

Those who were naughty last year only got the puppy. One with poor bladder control.

And we don’t mean the puppy.

It’s a new year, and we get to do all of our favorite stuff all over again! Just picture it: Another Free Comic Book Day, and Tabletop Day, and all the various tournaments and events we love to put on for you, including:

Magic the Gathering: Oath of the Gatewatch Prereleases- Three events, one Sealed Deck at midnight on the 16th(the night of the 15th), a Two-Headed Giant Sealed on the 16th, and a final Sealed Deck on the 17th! Preregister today to reserve your spot and save five bucks!

Magic the Gathering: StarCity Games Invitational Qualifier- For those who enjoy an event with tougher competition and a bigger payout, we have a Standard format event on the 31st!

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller tournament- There’s a 50 point event coming your way on the 23rd!

Malifaux Henchman Hardcore tournament- The meetups and leagues have been growing in size; now it’s to time to take it to the next level on the 30th!

Kings of War campaign league- It’s time to bring the awesomeness of large fantasy battles back to the shop, courtesy of Mantic’s great new 2nd edition!

This and tons more! Full details are available in the Events Calendar, which is now fully updated for this month. Please, for the love of everything good and decent in this world, take a look at it. I work hard on these things. It will answer pretty much any event question you have. Don’t make me cry. I do that ugly cry, and it’s quite unseemly.

Guess what’s back? Featured demo games! This month we’ve chosen a few of our current favorites to highlight, and if you come in and get a demo from one of us or check out our store copies on your own, you’ll get your very own copy for 20% off! Here’s the new hotness:



It’s not often that you see a good dedicated two player game, or one with rampaging dinosaur action. This new game from Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti has BOTH, and it’s glorious. More info



A macabre little card game all about opening an inn and luring in visitors, for the sole purpose of murdering them and looting their corpses before the authorities catch on. Lovely art, addictive gameplay, and a theme that would make Edward Gorey squeal from his grave. More info



As the name implies, in this game you roll a bunch of dice to gather up resources, which will allow you to build a thriving city and a military which can charge out and be a jerk to your opponents. Great all-ages fun for fans of games like Imperial Settlers. More info

Further into the future there’s all kinds of goodness awaiting. Trust us. No big spoilers yet, but you can be assured some of it involves cramming more comics, more games, more events, and more of everything that makes us rad into our shop and webstore. Until next month:

I'll be keeping warm in here if anyone needs me.

I’ll be keeping warm in here if anyone needs me.


Okay, this will be the last update for the year. Totes for reals this time.

First up, and back because your poor planning demanded it: The Portal Last Minute Holiday Sale!

From 12/21 to 5pm 12/24, we’re having our final sale of the year, and here’s the breakdown:

ALL BOARD GAMES, CARD GAMES, WAR GAMES, & RPGS WILL BE 20% OFF!(excludes singles used items, paints, tools, dice, and supplies)




PLEASE NOTE: Discounts do not combine- register takes the highest one.

Next, a reminder about our holiday hours at the shop:



And finally, we wanted our beloved Magic the Gathering fiends to know that we are now taking preorders for Oath of the Gatewatch booster boxes and fat packs, and preregistration for the Oath of the Gatewatch Prerelease events on January 16th & 17th(see the sidebar for more info—–>).

So stay safe out there, have fun, and from all of us here at The Portal:



Here it is, because everyone else is doing it this time of year, and we don’t want to be left behind. Enjoy!

Lexx’s picks:

2015 has gone by with alarming swiftness, but there’s never been a better time for comics and tabletop games!  There’s something for just about everybody at this point, no matter your tastes.  I just so happen to be a weirdo so here are my top picks of the past year for weirdos.


10. WEIRD LOVE from Yoe Comics/IDW – A bi-monthly curated collection of the ‘best of the worst’ of romance comic stories from the 1950’s onward.  Full of both hilarious and cringe-worthy tales of falling for communists and how your husband truly knows what’s best for you despite your womanly hysteria.  That was sarcasm but this comic is great.

Honorable mention: Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro and Robert Wilson IV from Image

9.  HEAD LOPPER by Andrew MacLean from Image – IT’S ABOUT A BIG DUDE WHO CHOPS OFF HEADS AND CARRIES AROUND A TALKING WITCH HEAD AND A BIG SWORD AND IT’S PRETTY COOL OKAY.  Caps lock aside, this book has awesome art with a Hellboy kind of feel, and builds an interesting world that I can’t wait to learn more about.

Honorable mention: Birthright by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan from Image

8. TOIL & TROUBLE by Mairghread Scott, Kelly & Nichole Matthews from Archaia/Boom – The beautifully illustrated political and sometimes physical conflicts between three witches over the throne of Scotland, this is Macbeth told from a very different and fascinating perspective.

Honorable mention: The Spire by Simon Spurrier and Jeff Stokely from Boom

7. CAPTAIN AMERICA, SAM WILSON by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna from Marvel – Marvel’s recent character changes have been controversial, but they’ve gotten me interested in so many heroes and titles I’ve never cared about before.  Sam is no exception.  This book is fresh, topical, relevant and relatable as heck.

Honorable mention – Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona from Marvel

6. THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL by Ryan North and Erica Henderson from Marvel – SPEAKING OF MARVEL’S DASTARDLY PLAN TO GET ME TO READ A BUNCH OF CAPE BOOKS oh my god you guys Squirrel Girl.  It’s a stupid name. Doreen Green is even worse.  But once you read it you won’t care, it’s so funny and clever and will make you so hype about a goofy D-list hero that you’ll write run-on sentences without a care.

Honorable mention – Howard the Duck by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones from Marvel

5. LIMBO by Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard from Image – Though there are only two issues of this out by the time of this writing, it’s quickly become a favourite.  Luchador drug kingpins, VHS-dwelling technoshamans, girls summoning voodoo Loa with cassette tapes, oh my! Not to mention Lovecraftian fish-men and a lone gumshoe with amnesia. I’m a sucker for pop culture remixes with classic mysticism, and this book has it.

Honorable mention: Tokyo Ghost by Rick Remender, Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth from Image

4. THE AUTUMNLANDS: TOOTH & CLAW by Kurt Busiek, Benjamin Dewey and Jordie Bellaire from Image – Autumnlands has some of the most gorgeous art I’ve seen in my last few years of comics obsession, and great characters to boot.  Magic, violence, intrigue and a coyote lady riding a giant cockroach.  You heard me.

Honorable mention – Wild’s End: The Enemy Within by Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard from Boom

3. THE WICKED + THE DIVINE by Kieron Gillen and Jaime McKelvie from Image – The gods return to us every 90 years, and by 2 years they will be dead. They’re also all fabulous pop stars and have a mess of problems that are one heck of an enjoyable trip to follow.

Honorable mention – Phonogram: the Immaterial Girl by… well, these guys again.

2. SOUTHERN BASTARDS by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour from Image – Football, BBQ and awful people being awful to each other, often with large sticks.  If you like your bloody crime stories with some Alabama grit(s) and a little hot sauce, give these bastards a look.

Honorable mention – Ringside by Joe Keatinge, Nick Barber and Simon Gough from Image

1. SEX CRIMINALS by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky from Image – I make no apologies that my top 5 picks are all from Image Comics, they have been absolutely killin’ it when it comes to great stories for weirdos. This one’s REALLY weird; when our darling protagonists Jon and Suzie have sex, they can freeze time.  It gets weirder from there.  This is a predictable #1 choice for me, because I can never shut up about how much I enjoy this comic.  It’s touching, personal, kinky, bizarre, funny as hell and explores a lot of aspects of human nature, psychology and sexuality that I find both fascinating and important. sexcrims  BOARD GAMES:  

6. RAIDERS OF THE NORTH SEA – I wasn’t going to include this one because a) who makes a top SIX? and b) it’s only from Kickstarter at the moment and I can’t take your sweet, sweet money for it.  However, it’s really really really good so I wanted to include it anyway.  This game is worker placement (probably my favourite style of game) done to perfection, with a delicious viking flavour and some creative twists on an old genre.

5. THREE CHEERS FOR MASTER – A card game about adorable and wicked little minions stacking themselves up into a comically exploding victory tower for their evil overlord.  I love the look and flavour of the game, as well as sabotaging opponent’s towers so they collapse into gory little piles of goons.

4. BULLFROGS – Place lily pad tiles and cute little wooden frogs AND THEN GET READY TO RUMBLE.  I came for the “bullfrog with a battleaxe” meeple and stayed for the depth of strategy.

3. MOUSE GUARD: SWORDS & STRONGHOLDS – Firstly, Mouse Guard is the best and despite not including it in my comic countdown, it’s one of my favourites.  Secondly, this game is wonderfully simple but provides lots of brain-straining thought over each move of your four little carved mice across the chess-like board.  A deck of cards brings a great random element into the mix, too!

2. THE BLOODY INN – I only just played this game a few days ago, but I’m in love.  I’d like to announce my engagement to this game, we’re setting up a gift registry next week.  Okay, maybe not, but this card game has the best premise: you own a shady rural inn, and must play your cards right to build new rooms, bribe some accomplices, murder your guests for their cash and find places to bury the bodies.

1. PANDEMIC LEGACY – Co-operative games are my jam, and this is the king of them all. I really enjoy the base Pandemic game and all of it’s various expansions and spin-offs, but this brings a whole new level of crazy goodness.  You’re still working together to contain and cure deadly diseases, but now with each game it evolves depending on your actions.  I’m currently half-way through the contents of the game and we have the Kaiju Flu almost under control, but Moscow is not much better than a smoking crater crawling with.. well, I’ll let you find out for yourself.


Jared’s Picks:

I’ll preface this by saying that despite my best efforts, I didn’t get to play every new game and read every new comic book. But here are the ones that impressed and delighted me the most, filtered through my biases and whatnot. Give ’em a try; You won’t be disappointed.


10. OH, KILLSTRIKE by Max Bemis and Logan Faerber, from Boom! Studios – More and more, the nostalgia of my generation is ruining everything around me, and that’s basically what this mini-series is about. The main character, guided by a living Rob Liefeld-esque superhero, takes a trip down 90s comics lane, unfortunately for his wife and child. Funny and poignant stuff.

9. LITTLE NEMO: RETURN TO SLUMBERLAND by Eric Shanower and Gabriel Rodriguez, from IDW – This was a lovely little surprise. Just page after page of wonder and whimsy, even if you’ve never heard of Winsor McKay and the adventures of his dream-traversing little scamp. Great for all ages.

8. MIRACLEMAN by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham, from Marvel – The original run of this book by Alan Moore is one of THE best deconstructionist superhero stories ever told, and now that the legal quagmire is behind us, it’s awesome to see Gaiman picking up where the original left off, with Miracleman leading humanity into a Golden Age, where nearly anything is possible.

7. PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, from Image – I am a huge music nut, and thus this latest tale of audio magic, with its non-stop 80s references and too-cool-for-school attitude, speaks to me like few other books ever have.

6. COPPERHEAD by Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski, from Image – Science fiction has been making a huge comeback, primarily at Image, and this story of a war-ravaged backwater planet and the foreigner who steps in to take over as sheriff is among the very best. All the swagger and grit you can handle.

5. LETTER 44 by Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque, from Oni Press – I was late to this one, but better late than never and all that. This one is sci-fi and political drama in equal measure, bouncing between the newest American president, who has knowledge of life beyond our planet, and the team that the previous administration dispatched to see just what these mysterious visitors are really up to.

4. SAGA by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, from Image – I’m sure that you’ve heard of this one by now. There’s a reason for that. It somehow manages to be a heartfelt examination of adulthood and relationships, a menagerie of wacky space opera aliens, AND hilariously vulgar, all at the same time.
3. INJECTION by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey, from Image – There are, to me, two things that define the quintessential Ellis story: The ability to unflinchingly look into the future, and characters who are violently cantankerous. In this comic there are copious amounts of both, as a team of reckless specialists twists reality, with disastrous consequences.

2. MANIFEST DESTINY by Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts, from Image – It’s a concept so devilishly simple that I’m amazed it hasn’t been done before: What if Lewis and Clark’s expedition revealed that North America was a wild land full of monsters, though none so deadly and cruel as the interlopers themselves? This historical fiction is absolutely enthralling.

1. PREZ by Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell, from DC – MORE OF THIS PLEASE. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a narrative so in touch with the zeitgeist of its period before. It’s politics, it’s satire, IT’S MEMES. It’s what happens when a teenage girl sort of accidentally becomes an American president, and decides to actually fix her country’s many problems.



5. THE VOYAGES OF MARCO POLO by Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini, from Z-Man – There are certain things that I am a complete sucker for in board games: Historical themes, worker placement, and nifty uses for dice. This game squishes them all into one five-round brain burner, and it’s the best thing in its genre since Euphoria.

4. SYLVION by Shadi Torbey and Elise Plessis, from Z-Man – A good single player experience is extremely rare in gaming, and so is unique artwork. The second entry in the line of games known as the ‘Oniverse’, this card game is all about doing your best to keep fire elementals from burning the forests of a dream world away. Beautiful, tense, and addictive.

3. ELYSIUM by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert, from Space Cowboys/Asmodee- Card drafting has worked its way into lots of games recently, but few have put a new spin on the mechanic quite like this one did. There’s so much to enjoy in this Greek Mythology-themed set collection game, and a great deal of replayability, too.

2. THE WORLD OF SMOG: ON HER MAJESTY’S SERVICE by Yohan Lemmonier, from Cool Mini or Not – Yes, the name is ridiculously long, and yes, it’s a steampunk theme. That does not matter in the slightest. This gorgeous beastie has a board full of clockwork gears and creepy miniatures to contend with, as players race against each other to fulfill their secret win condition first.

1. BLOOD RAGE by Eric Lang, from Cool Mini or Not – Vikings, they are the new ninjas. There are a bazillion games about them now, because if there’s one thing we like more than assassinating things with throwing stars, it’s sacking villages and dying gloriously in battle. You could play this area control game without the sweet figures, but why would you? There’s card drafting, there’s brutal battles that fill up Valhalla, and there’s a little something new to the strategy that you pick up on with each play.


There you have it. What geekery made your year a little better? Stop on by and nerd out with us!

Here we are. December. This year went entirely too quickly, but we’d like to take a moment from the big blurry cacophony to thank all of you for making it the best big blurry cacophony in eleven years of operation. We’re going to continue to grow and expand, like Hulk, but made of brick and mortar.

So basically, this guy.

So basically, this guy.

In the new year there will be more new product lines, like Warlord Games’ Frostgrave and Corvus Belli’s Infinity, as well as further expansion of our game and comic book selection, and as always, tons of events and tournaments for all your favorite geeky hobbies. Speaking of which, there are some new game nights on the schedule that we think you should know about:

Netrunner & Dice Masters

Every Sunday we will be hosting an all-day meetup for these incredibly cool games, and that includes demos for the uninitiated.

In Fantasy Flight’s asymmetrical living card game Android: Netrunner, you play as either a powerful corporation trying to actualize your agendas in secret, or a hacker who’s looking to expose those agendas by any means necessary. It’s originally from the creator of Magic the Gathering, and unlike any other card game you’ve ever played.

In Wizkids’ one-on-one dice building game Dice Masters, you bring a custom team of colorful, specialized d6 to battle against your opponent, trying to roll and then attack with the character sides to bring them down to zero life first. It’s a little bit Magic the Gathering and a little bit Quarriors, and comes in themes like Marvel/DC superheroes, Dungeons & Dragons, and Yu-Gi-Oh!


Who loves Star Wars? We do, and you do, and most of the planet does. Well Fantasy Flight’s space combat game X-Wing lets you channel your inner pew-pew pilot and get into dogfights with other ships from the Rebels, the Imperials, and the assorted Scum and Villainy from a galaxy far, far away. It’s fast, it’s fun, and the models look amazing. Every Monday night from 6 to 9 you can stop in and try out a squad, or learn to play from one of our local Nerf herders.

If we get enough of a regular turnout for these games we’ll start to hold tournaments and give out exclusive promo items, so come on in and check it out!

There’s still plenty going on this month, like our demo day for AEG Games on the 5th, and our Asmoplay Cash’n Guns events on the 19th and 26th, so be sure to check out the Events Calendar for the full scoop!

And if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the comic reader and/or gamer in your life this holiday season, be sure to stop by and grab some goodies or a gift card, or shop online at our brand spankin’ new webstore (the link is right over there——>)!

Until next year, have a-

Or whichever holiday you celebrate. You sexy things.

Or whichever holiday you celebrate. You sexy things.

November is upon us once again, and you know what that means!

Chaos Never Dies Day (Nov. 9th)

Your wallet will make many cover saves, and fail them all.

Your wallet will make many cover saves, and fail them all.

On the 14th we take a look back at the Horus Heresy with the new Betrayal at Calth Warhammer 30K game. These beasts are jam-packed with plastic models that can be mixed with existing Marine bits, or enjoyed au naturel, served in a huge skull, just the way Khorne intended. Quantities are limited, but you can reserve a copy today through the 13th and get 15% off the MSRP! Swing by the shop for full details.

Occult Day (Nov. 18th)

Yes, have some.

Yes, have some.

Extend your celebration of all things creepy with the new Ghostbusters board game, which launches on the 11th. We have the nifty Kickstarter versions, which feature an exclusive glow-in-the-dark Slimer figure!

Beautiful Day (Nov. 20th)

The Wonka Golden Tickets of Magic cards.

The Wonka Golden Tickets of Magic cards.

Magic’s latest set, Battle For Zendikar, features extra rare foily full art versions of some the game’s best lands, and we have been hoarding them like the deranged magpies that we are. But now that we’ve breathed on them a lot we want to share them with you. So this month we are having special Standard, Modern, and Legacy events with some of these beauties as prizes! See the events calendar for full details.

Okay, enough stalling. It’s pretty much only about this:



Here’s the breakdown:

On the 27th and 28th, from 9am to 9pm, ALL board games, cards games, wargames, roleplaying games, AND comics will be 25% off!! (Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Does not apply to supplies, paints, singles, or dice.) In addition, if you preorder at least one box of Magic: Oath of the Gatewatch or buy at least $20 worth of Magic singles on these two days (Do both and you will be entered twice), you’ll be entered in our raffle. What’s in the raffle? On December 1st we will be giving away 1 From the Vault: Angels, 1 Duel Deck Anthology, AND 1 booster box of Modern Masters 2! Prefer to do your shopping online? We will also offer these discounts and raffles on the 30th via our new webstore! That’s right! We now have a WEBSTORE!

So search the couch cushions, clean out the car, sell off a kidney, and try not to buy too many Star Wars tickets, because it’s time to give the magical gift of comics and games! See you then!

No annoying piped in music, no fist fights, and you keep your money in the community!

No annoying piped in music, no fist fights, and you keep your money in the community!


Surprise! Next month’s update came early! Betcha didn’t see that coming.

*cue sad music*

*cue sad music*

Well that’s just because October is so full of events and shiny new things, and we wanted to help you get a head start. It’s just one of the many services we provide. Behold:

Magic the Gathering, AKA Nerd Poker, AKA Why You’re Broke

So as I’m sure you’re already aware, the newest set, Battle for Zendikar, drops on October 2nd, and as usual we will have lots of boosters, intros, fat packs, singles, and supplies on launch day, though I suspect they’re going to move fast. Then we have several noteworthy events going on soon after that: A Standard PPTQ on the 4th, two Standard Game Day events for the new set on the 24th and 25th, AND a Modern Grand Prix Trial on the 25th. So get brewing, because the formats are about to get massively shaken up! Full details are available in the Events section and the Calendar.

Halloween Comicfest, AKA That Other Free Comic Book Day That Everyone Forgets About

What’s better than Halloween? Getting free spooky comics on Halloween, of course! All day long on the 31st we will be offering up a special selection of FREE comics and other treats, so get on your favorite costume and shamble your way down here! And don’t forget, we still offer a sweet pull list service that will give you 25% off all of your comics, including trades and graphic novels!

Miniature Painting Contest, AKA Crossed Eyes and Hand Cramps

This month we are teaming up with the fine folks at The Army Painter and PHD Distribution to bring you a chance to show off your insane painting skills! Now through October 2nd you can stop in and pick out your favorite 40mm or smaller miniature from any range, then agonize over every teeny brush stroke and bring it back to us by the 30th, so that we may judge it on Halloween, along with anyone who shows up that day to vote on their favorite. We are offering up some lovely store credit prizes for the cream of the crop, including a $50 prize for the best overall! Want some pointers on how to bring out the best in your pieces? On the 18th Lexx will hosting a paint class, so be sure to check it out! For more details call, stop in, or check out the Event Calendar.

7 Wonders Organized Play, AKA The Most Addictive Drafting Game EVER

7 Wonders is the latest Asmodee board game to get its very own organized play kit, complete with awesome promo goodies like playmats and alternate art wonders boards, and all month long we will be getting together on Tuesday nights for some league play! Full details are in the Events Calendar.

And so much more. There’s something going on for everyone, so take a look and then partake. It’s going to be more fun than terrorizing a house full of annoying hipsters!

We too will be blasting Harry Belafonte music.

We too will be blasting Harry Belafonte music.

…(fill in the remaining lines to this saucy limerick, kids). The Portal: We’re interactive!

Time for an update everybody! And no, I didn’t miss August. It’s just that it’s in a special font, and some people can’t see it. Yeah, so there.

It basically just says 'OBEY' a lot.

It basically just says ‘OBEY’ a lot.

Anywho, on to September: The month for premature pumpkin spice offerings, returning to school, and Salami Day. Seriously, that’s a thing. A thing that happens on the 7th. I know, I also had no idea. For us, it means new stuff and big events and this part here where we share that information with YOU, you lucky so-and-so.

Magic the Gathering: Battle For Zendikar

There will be full art land. There will be allies and landfall and Eldrazi, oh my. October 2nd is the launch date, which means the sealed deck Prerelease events are this month, specifically Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. We will have a midnight Prerelease, a 2-Headed Giant, and then a third and final event on Sunday (see the calendar for more details). These events will sell out, so we strongly suggest you stop by as soon as you can and secure your spot in advance. And if you do you’ll save yourself $5 off of the entry fee! We are also taking preorders on BFZ booster boxes and fat packs, at a price that even most online stores can’t beat! Call or stop by to reserve yours today before it’s all gone!

Malifaux: Nythera

Malifaux, in case you haven’t tried it yet, is sweet you guys. This skirmish miniatures game is equal parts wild west, horror, steampunk, and whatever it is that goes on in Tim Burton’s head. It uses no dice, is scenario based, and the models are freaking gorgeous. We have a meetup every other week, run by the awesome Mark Rader, and beginning this month you can play games for their new worldwide event, Nythera. The outcome of these games will affect future storylines and releases! For all the info, visit the Wyrd Games Nythera page.

Reaper Miniatures & Kings of War

We carry them now! You should buy some. The Reaper Bones line is great for those who want fantasy minis that are high quality and low price, and Kings of War is for you if you mourn the loss of Warhammer Fantasy.

Force of Will

This new collectible card game, essentially Magic the Gathering with elaborate anime-style artwork, is all the rage these days, and if you’re itching to test your decks out against the rest of the quickly-growing community, we now have tournament events on the schedule! Beginning in October, due to popular demand, we will have events for FOW, as well as Dragon Ball Z, twice a month, with nifty promo card prizes!

Dice Masters

Look, you know you bought some. It’s hard not to when boosters of cool-looking dice are only a buck a pack. Well now it’s time to play, my friends. You may not be aware, but we have had constructed, hybrid, AND draft events for some time now, and we’re looking to pack the place with players. So grab those tackle boxes and get in here. You’ll be glad you did, because the community for this game is fantastic. Check out the events calendar for info on upcoming tournaments.

And this is just the beginning! October is going to be absolutely stuffed with comic book and gaming goodness, like Halloween Comicfest, our next Magic PPTQ and GPT, AND Organized Play for the 7 Wonders board game!

Oh, it's conceivable. Just wait til we get going.

Oh, it’s conceivable. Just wait til we get going.

Are you ready for some hyperbole?

HYPER... bowling? Come on, man, talk American.

HYPER… bowling? Come on, man, talk American.

July has all of the new releases. ALL OF THEM. Let’s break it down:

July 11th: Warhammer Age of Sigmar- A whole new take on the beloved fantasy wargame, now easier to play and cheaper to get into. We will have a demo copy set up so you can see it in action!

July 17th: Magic the Gathering Origins- The final core set for the hugely popular collectible card game, with neat stuff like legendary creature/planeswalker flip cards and the return of favorites like Goblin Piledriver! We will be having three Prerelease events for the set- check out the events calendar for all the info.

July 3rd/31st: Weiss Schwarz Attack on Titan- Trial decks hit first, then the boosters. This anime-themed card game has been getting more and more popular with each new release! Check the calendar for our upcoming tournaments and the Attack on Titan Launch event.

July 3rd: Dragon Ball Z TCG Movie Collection- The new set for the resurrected classic is based on the first four feature films! We now have tournaments for it as well, so keep an eye on that calendar.

July 15th: Marvel Dice Masters Age of Ultron- The third Marvel-themed set for Wizkids’ Quarriors-meets-Magic head to head dice game! To celebrate we will be holding two Rainbow Draft events at the end of the month, with some very cool promo prizes.

Okay, confession time: I may have been a bit mendacious when I said ”ALL OF THEM”.

Totally MENDACIOUS dude!!

Totally MENDACIOUS dude!!

After all, August will have the new Magic the Gathering board game, Arena of the Planeswalkers(which for now you can demo in the shop), as well as the new From the Vault: Angels(we’ll be taking preorders soon). It will also have(I think) the new 2nd edition of the Game of Thrones living card game. And the Nick Fury Heroclix set, the DC Dice Masters War of Light expansion, and…

So yeah. I guess the bottom line is that if you’re a gamer, you’re going to be quite impecunious. But in that good way.

I am Impecunious, master of tiny hats!

I am Impecunious, master of tiny hats!


This month we celebrate Father’s Day. Not with cards, or offerings of socks and Turtle Wax. No, we celebrate with gaming, because it is a universal language, much like deep-fried foods, or love. All of our featured games are about things dads love. On the 9th we will be podcasting with the the good dad-fearing folk over at Sorry Man, I Farted, and our focus will be on:

TRAINS Because dads love trains. Anything with mechanical bits, especially if it goes fast.

HEROES OF NORMANDIE Because dads love World War II, even if they weren’t in it.

Then on the 23rd we shall reconvene and this time we’ll be playing:

SWORDFISH Because dads love fishing. It allows them to assert their perceived mastery over all sea life.

BLOOD BOWL TEAM MANAGER Because dads love sports, particularly ones where blood is spilled.

Then there are our demo games for the month:

ABRACA…WHAT? Because if there’s one thing dads love more than bad jokes, it’s lame magic tricks.

THREE CHEERS FOR MASTER Because we’re all little minions, trying our best to placate the fatherly rage beast.

BREW CRAFTERS Dad likes beer. Probably too much.

Learn to play one of these from our elite team of slackasses gaming experts and get 20% off of your own copy!

This month we will also be once again hosting FREE RPG DAY on the 20th, so mark that on your character sheets and come on down for some free quick start rules and promo adventure modules, and meet up with the rest of the role-playing game community! Dads are torn on this one, since they like free things (you kids are eating him out of house and home), but think that role-playing is only that thing that mom tried to talk him into once.

And there’s even more going on! We are kicking off the ASMOPLAY program with two tournaments for SPLENDOR, we’re hosting our very first DOOMTOWN tournament, we have two local creators coming in to demo their newest game creations… just check out the calendar for all the details.

It’s a great time to start reading some comics, too! Both DC and Marvel are relaunching a ton of great titles, and adding on even more. Start a pull list with us and get 25% off of all your sequentially situated superheroic stimulation! Dads aren’t the biggest fans of alliteration, however they do appreciate innuendo, and will go looking for it in places where it really wasn’t implied.

Not all dads are named Bob, but ours is.

Not all dads are named Bob, but ours is.

If you are a Magic the Gathering aficionado, then May 22nd is basically going to be a second Christmas for you. That’s right, Modern Masters 2015 is coming, and it brought friends. Friends like Emrakul, Kozilek, Ulamog, Karn, Elesh Norn, Iona, Kiki-Jiki, Skrillex(oops, I mean Dark Confidant), Tarmogoyf, and Guile.

Preorders are almost full, but fear not: We are having three different booster draft events, and we will have singles available, as well as packs for sale at MSRP!

For those of you who prefer tabletop throwdowns of the miniature wargaming variety, this month has more tiny painted men than a Lilliputian mime college! We are hosting the latest season of the Warmachine/Hordes ‘Path of Devastation‘ league all month long, we have a 50 soulstone Story Encounter Malifaux tournament on the 23rd, and we will have a demo day on the 30th for our latest product line, Mantic Games. You can stop by and learn to play Deadzone, Dreadball, Mars Attacks!, and Loka!

Next month we give some love to our roleplaying community as well, with Free RPG Day 2015 on June 20th!

And if you’ve been on the fence about reading comics, now is a great time to start. Following their big summer events, both Marvel and DC will be offering up a ton of new titles that will let you get on at the ground floor. There has also been a steady stream of awesome new books from publishers like Image, Boom!, and Dark Horse. Start a pull list with us today and get all of your comics for 25% off!

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