Usurp the King with bonus Fernsby Cards

  • $25.00

The King may be in trouble. The court that surrounds him contains subjects who seek power. Each player represents a family that will vie for control over the court members. Featuring seven victory conditions, the path to victory may shift as you gain more information about each court members’ motives and those of the other families. Your allegiances will twist and change based on your interests. The King’s subjects are but mere pawns.

In Usurp the King, you play as one of five dominant families in the Kingdom. Use your influence to back the person that you believe will be in power when the dust settles. As the game evolves, you may find that who you are supporting changes. Daggers, Poisons, Conspiracy, and Bribery are only some of the tools at your disposal.

Play in USURP THE KING occurs over two phases. Usurp is packed with moves and counter moves. In this 20-minute game, so much can happen in such a short period!

Kickstarter Retailer Bonus: Fernsby - 6th player set of family leverage cards

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