• $30.00

Summon the Never-Were. The lure of untold mystic power consumes you. Delving ever deeper into your fascination with Plutonian shores, you have summoned into service the eerie and powerful specters of Poe's gothic horror characters. Armed with the powers of the 'Never-Were', you intend to reign supreme, forevermore.

The Black Crown is within your reach - but many are the paths to power: brute force, subtle deception, cunning trickery. You hold the cards...but you can`t keep them all. What will you decide to collect for personal gain? And what are you willing to give up in order to destroy? The Ravens are gathering, many of whom used to be rivals. Rise to power, be victorious, or be...Nevermore! Nevermore is a clever, casual card-drafting game of treachery and arcane supremacy.

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