Dungeons & Dragons: Icons of the Realms - Gargantuan Tiamat

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Welcome adventurers! Are you an avid Dungeons and Dragons player or maybe Pathfinder is your game. Whatever fantasy role-playing game is your poison these unpainted miniatures are right up your alley. Present your character in full color with details of your own design. Imagine that, if you will, on the table top.

Even if you don't play and just enjoy the art of miniature painting, these pieces are for you. The pre-primed miniatures are ready to paint right out of the box. No need for messy priming!

At over 14 inches tall, and with a wingspan over 28 inches long, Tiamat is sure to be the centerpiece of your hoard of miniatures.

Tiamat the Dragon Queen is about to burst bodily from her confinement in the Nine Hells and enter the world!


1 x Gargantuan Tiamat Miniature

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