D&D Icons: Rime of the Frostmaiden - Nass Lantomir (#38)

D&D Icons: Rime of the Frostmaiden - Nass Lantomir (#38)

  • $12.00

This product comes as a single unpackaged, prepainted miniature.

Dungeons & Dragons Icons of the Realms: Icewind Dale - Rime of the Frostmaiden Boosters provides a diverse selection of miniatures, whether you're looking to expand your monster selection as a Dungeon Master or looking to capture that piece that is just right for your character!

The Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden line includes bone chilling new monsters to confront, like the unnerving Tomb Tapper and ferocious Abominable Yeti. Collect all 45 figures from Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and characters in our exciting line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.

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Release Date: September 16, 2020

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