Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Essentials Kit

Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Essentials Kit

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With the Essentials Kit, new players will learn to create characters of levels 16 and experience the thrill of being the Dungeon Masters.

  • Includes the introduction of sidekick rules.
  • Dragon of Icespire Peak, a 64-page introductory adventure.
  • Double-sided poster map for use with the Dragon of Icespire Peak adventure (21 x 15).
  • Four-panel, folding Dungeon Masters screen (33" x 8.5").
  • 6 blank character sheets.
  • 11 polyhedral dice.
  • 81 cards describing magic items, sidekicks, and other D&D game elements, plus a folding box to hold all the cards.

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