Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (Deluxe Edition)

Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Shadow of the Dragon Queen (Deluxe Edition)

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In a world ravaged by war, the actions of heroes can have world-altering stakes. Defend the people of Kalaman against seemingly insurmountable odds as Krynn prepares for war. The Dragon Armies are on the march, their ranks swelled by ogres, minotaurs, and humans who seek a share of the spoils, while rumors of the return of the Dark Queen's dragons swirl among the people.

The army of the evil Dragon Queen marches across Krynn, opposed by an alliance of desperate defenders. On the battlefield and beyond, it’s up to a small band of adventurers to turn the tide of battle and save Krynn.


  • Get the Deluxe Dragonlance experience with an exclusive foil, alternate-art hardcover adventure book, a Deluxe Edition-exclusive DM screen, and epic battlefield encounters played through the connected board game;
  • Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen - adventure for characters levels 1–11 set during the legendary War of the Lance;
  • Dungeon Master’s screen available only in the Deluxe Edition;
  • Warriors of Krynn - 3-5 player cooperative board game in which heroes battle the fearsome Dragon Army, explore in search of treasure, and earn rewards for use in their next adventure.

Immerse yourself in mass battlefield play experiences by running Shadow of the Dragon Queen encounters through 6 scenarios in the board game that alter the course of your adventure.

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    Release Date: December 6, 2022

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