D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments: Monster Paint Set

D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments: Monster Paint Set

  • $80.00

The Dungeons & Dragons Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments: Monster Paint Set is the go to for any beginner or veteran painter. For the beginner this provides a great starting collection of quality paints at a fantastic price point. For the veteran painter its a great way to augment your line of color options.

Each paint pot in the Monsters Paint Set is painstakingly selected to match the famous creatures from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, yet still offering a wide enough palette to paint anything from heroes to villains. The 36 colours in the Monsters Paint Set are an expansion to the 10 Warpaints found in the Adventurers Paint Set, with no duplication. This expert selection also introduces the remarkable acrylic Quickshade Washes to create shading and some unique Effect Warpaints like the super gloss Glistening Blood. The Monsters Paint Set comes with an exclusive Dungeons & Dragons Collectors plastic miniature; an iconic D&D monster: the massive Owlbear. Inside the box you will find an introduction painting guide, with more information on The Army Painter's extensive D&D Painting support web page for complete painting tutorials.


  • 36 water based, nontoxic Warpaints (29 acrylic paints, 3 metallic paints, 3 washes & 1 effects paint);
  • 12ml precision dropper bottles;
  • 1 D&D Miniature: Owlbear.

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