Flesh and Blood - Bright Lights Prerelease (Sunday, October 1st @ 12pm)

Flesh and Blood - Bright Lights Prerelease (Sunday, October 1st @ 12pm)

  • $30.00

“Are you tired of being just another cog in the machine? Why not become more than you could ever imagine? Join Teklo Industries and create a better future for everyone. A future… with Bright Lights!”

Bright Lights puts the boost in standalone booster set, taking you through the bustling copper streets of Metrix, a city of technological wonders and scientific advancement

Featuring new Mechanologist heroes, Bright Lights introduces unique gameplay to Flesh and Blood, with equipment that starts in your deck. Build your own mechanized Evo suit to stomp the competition - it’s time to suit up and throw down!

To celebrate, Portal Comics and Gaming will be running our Bright Lights Pre-release  October 1st, 2023 starting at 12:00pm.

Entry Fee: $30 + tax.

Player Check-In Start Time: 11:00am

Event Start Time: 12:00pm

Format: Bright Lights Sealed Deck (4 Packs)

Event Structure: 5 Swiss Rounds

Player check in begins at 11:00am on October 1st 2023 and the event will begin at 12:00pm.

Prize Support
All players will receive 4 packs of Bright Lights to construct a minimum 30/maximum 40 card deck. Additionally 2 participation booster packs of Bright Lights will be given to each player at the conclusion of the event as well as 2 booster packs of Bright Lights per win. Additional promo card prizing for Rainbow Foil Hero cards and Cold Foil coming soon.

Door prizes will include a Dash Young Hero playmat signed by the artist Sam Yang, a Cold Foil Data Doll MKII and more!

Event ticket price for Flesh and Blood - Bright Lights Prerelease is $30 plus tax. The event will take place Sunday, October 1st at 12pm.

Player Cap: 48.

Rules & Regulations:

We are limited to 48 seats. Event entry fee is $30.00, plus tax. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours before the event.

For additional information, please contact The Portal directly via Facebook, call us at 610-419-8004 or email us at inquiries@portalcng.com.

You may also see full event details at Flesh and Blood.

As usual, we thank you for your business.

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