Flesh and Blood - Skirmish Season 8 (Sunday November 19th @ 12pm)

Flesh and Blood - Skirmish Season 8 (Sunday November 19th @ 12pm)

  • $40.00

While the fat cats sit in their copper towers counting their equally fat stacks of cash, bottom feeders like us roam the streets looking for something to break. Rev up those engines because tonight we're gonna blow it all apart and reveal the true face of Metrix in all its ugly beauty!

Skirmish is back from November 18th to December 10th to put a rocket in your sprocket with a mix of Blitz and Bright Lights Sealed Deck! Kicking off alongside World Championship: Barcelona, Skirmish is set to be a truly worldwide celebration of Flesh and Blood, running for an extra week to allow European stores to pack in the best of both worlds, and providing more options for stores overall during the busy holiday season.

Skirmish Season 8 is a perfect opportunity for local communities to come together for casual high octane games, with awesome prizes up for grabs! Bring a mate who's just started playing, or test the waters with your new deck! Skirmish is the best stepping stone for players who want to play great games in a friendly, low-stakes environment.

Bright Lights Sealed Deck takes players into the bustling streets of Metrix, where they can crank items, build Evo mech suits, and boost their way to victory! Using FOUR packs for deck construction rather than the usual six, Bright Lights Sealed Deck offers dynamic gameplay with a range of Mechanologist heroes.

Event ticket price for Flesh and Blood - Skirmish Season 8 is $40 plus tax. The event will take place Sunday, November 19th at 12pm. 

Player check in opens at 11:00am on November 19th 2023 and the event will begin at 12:00pm.

Entry Fee: $40 + tax.

Format: Bright Lights Sealed Deck.

Event Structure: Swiss

  • Players: 8; Swiss Rounds: 3; Top Cut: None;
  • Players: 9 - 16; Swiss Rounds: 4; Top Cut: Top 8 Draft;
  • Players: 17 - 32; Swiss Rounds: 5; Top Cut: Top 8 Draft.


  • 1st Place: 1 Ironsong Versus Playmat, 1 CF Teklo Core Promo, $100 Store Credit;
  • 2nd Place: 1 Ironsong Versus Playmat, $75 Store Credit;
  • 3rd Place: $50 Store Credit;
  • 4th Place: $50 Store Credit;
  • 5th Place: $25 Store Credit;
  • 6th Place: $25 Store Credit;
  • 7th Place: $25 Store Credit;
  • 8th Place: $25 Store Credit;
  • 9th+ Place: 1 Pack or $4 Store Credit per win.

Participation Prize for all entrants: 1 Random Mechanized Strength Rainbow Foil Extended Art Promo, 2 Bright Lights Booster Packs.

Door Prize Raffles: 2 Cold Foil Teklo Core Promos, 1 Oaken Old Playmat.

Player Cap: 32

Rules & Regulations:

We are limited to 32 seats. Event entry fee is $40.00, plus tax. Cancellations will be accepted up to 24 hours before the event.

For additional information, please contact The Portal directly via Facebook, call us at 610-419-8004 or email us at inquiries@portalcng.com.

You may also see full event details at Flesh and Blood.

As usual, we thank you for your business.

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