Gamegenic: Games Lair 600+ Black/Orange

  • $80.00

The Games' Lair is a collection of our very best thinking, a truly smart all-in-one solution.

This innovative product will meet even the most complex gaming needs. It’s a compact storage box for a large collection of cards, a perfect companion for your game components, a house for your deck boxes, tokens, pen & paper, dice and all kinds of other accessories, plus an integrated convertible dice tray – absolute flexibility in one box, so compact that it even fits in regular backpacks!

This premium box was created to perfectly hold 600 double-sleeved or 800 board-game-sleeved cards*. The optimized width design keeps the cards in place, preventing them from shifting around. If large amount of card storage is not the purpose, the acrylic divider can be removed to store any kind of games and deck boxes, tokens or other accessories.

Revolutionary: the cover of the Games’ Lair is fully removable and easily converts into a convenient dice tray. When a dice tray is not needed, the lid can be attached to the bottom, saving valuable space on the gaming table.

The box contains a total of 4 hidden drawers: two removable drawers with ingenious magnetic flaps that guarantee effortless pulling-out. Their notched compartments allow easy access to sleeved cards, or even entire decks; right down to the last card. And 2 additional extra-large trays for even more tokens, dice, accessories, etc.

Moreover, the top-level compartment of the Games’ Lair can be used for life pads, traditional writing pads or to store pen-and-paper accessories.

Powerful magnets, along with our innovative locking mechanism, ensure a secure closure even if the box is shaken upside-down.

Studio: Gamegenic
Product Code: G20089

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