Magic the Gathering: Throne of Eldraine - Booster Box

Magic the Gathering: Throne of Eldraine - Booster Box

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You are purchasing a factory sealed Throne of Eldraine Booster Box from Wizards of the Coast (WOTC).

Throne of Eldraine makes opening boosters a greater thrill than ever. They're loaded with beautiful and collectible new card treatments:

Borderless Planeswalkers. This is a planeswalker card where the art goes all the way to the border. (similar to Mythic Edition planeswalkers).

Extended art frames. This is where the art on a card runs all the way to the edge of the card on the left and right side (similar to box toppers for Ultimate Masters).

Showcase frames. Cards with a new stylized art and frames that play into the set's theme.

Due to distribution restrictions we are only able to ship this product to the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.


  • 36 Throne of Eldraine booster packs.

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UPC: 630509785223
SKU: C61360000
Release Date: October 4, 2019

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