Starfinder RPG: Combat Pad

Starfinder RPG: Combat Pad

  • $25.00

On Track for Adventure!

Never miss a turn with the Starfinder Combat Pad initiative tracker! Usable with any roleplaying game, this wet and dry erase board includes magnets that stick right to it! List the names of heroes and foes on the magnets using a wet or dry erase marker, then place them in initiative order. When the order changes, simply slide the magnets to their places. Take the uncertainty out of battle with the Starfinder Combat Pad.


  • 1 double-sided magnetic wet and dry erase board, with two different sides designed specifically for tactical combat and starship combat!
  • 13 light blue player character magnets;
  • 13 orange enemy magnets;
  • 9 dark blue nonplayer character magnets;
  • 2 round arrows;
  • 2 turn arrows;
  • 2 next round magnets.

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