Wooly Whammoth

  • $40.00

The Pleistocene was a very treacherous age...

WOOLY WHAMMOTH is a devious game of prehistoric survival, tricking rival tribes into taking a step too far. You are a clan of hungry Cave People attempting to hunt mammoth by chasing them off the edge of a cliff. But, you run the risk of sinking into a tarpit, getting stomped by mammoths or running straight off the cliff yourself in the process.

Choose a card to advance your Cave Person down the hunting path - but beware, the actual number of spaces moved is based on the total of all cards played by you and the other players. Armed with 8 cards and some sneaky tricks, you seek to force the other tribes into peril, while you go just far enough to topple a mammoth.

The game features four different tribes with unique tribal abilities (in the advanced game) and modular sliding boards, which change how far you have to travel down the hunting path to find more mammoths.

Wooly Whammoth is a light-hearted, think-double think, bluffing game of prehistoric shenanigans...and is wildly fun to play.

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