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What is paint night and what is a paint night kit? In one word, awesome!

Before getting into details of the paint night kit, I'd like to share a little background on myself.

Recently, due to the lockdowns and such as a result of COVID-19 I found I had more time on my hands than usual. So, what to do. Well, to pass the time and keep sane I decided to take up miniature painting again, but also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce my kids to a hobby I grew up with and still enjoy to this day. My daughter Kyra is 10 and my son Brady is 5. Kyra has taken quite the liking to the hobby and at her age can produce some excellent works. This is the spider with egg clutch she recently painted.

Growing up I was more into the hobby, as I had much more time on my hands. Miniature painting is one of those funny things, at a younger age or even in college you have plenty of time on your hands to do these things, but not the financial means necessarily to really build a collection. Then latter in life, for example if you decide to open a comics and game store, you have the financial means to really get into the hobby, but not the time. I think that is actually ironic, unlike most of the examples in that old Alanis Morissette song.

It all started many, many years ago with Ral Partha. The miniatures were molded in metal and the casts were honestly pretty terrible, at least compared to contemporary miniatures, like Nolzur's. In those days the painting was much more challenging. You actually needed to prime the miniatures. Plus metal miniatures were so much more difficult to work with as the paint didn't stick as well and the fine detail was lacking.

Then I went go into my Warhammer 40K phase, where I had an Eldar army. This was back in second edition when the Warp Spiders had the large flamer template that killed everything, yeah you old school 40K players know what I'm talking about. Plus I loved playing the game, so building out the army was part of the excitement.

Next came Battletech. The miniatures were so easy to paint. Interestingly my brother was into machining and had all kinds of neat gadgets and tools. He was our A. Heller, if anyone gets that obscure Mystery Men reference. We would slice the Mechs in half, drill down through the center and install a thin metal dowel. This allowed the Mechs to rotate their torso. That provided for quite an awesome effect on the 3D battlefield and anyone who has played or plays Battletech knows the importance of that feature.

A few years ago I really got into Warhammer, before it turned into Age of Sigmar. I played a Dwarf Army for Warhammer. However, at that point I didn't have much time, seeing as I opened a gaming store, so I paid a commission to one of our talented employees at the time to paint them.

So here we are today. I got two kids and greatly enjoy sharing my painting hobby with them, especially my daughter, Kyra, who is old enough to really to truly appreciate the hobby.

So now, what is paint night and what is a paint night kit? Well, it's a very cost effective way to get back into the hobby of miniature painting, to get someone new started in it or just to pick up a fantastic Nolzur's model with all the necessary paints and accessories. Plus it's really limited. Seriously. Most retailers only get a dozen of these. That's it, only a dozen. This was my Manticore from Paint Night Kit 4 - Manticore.

Paint Night Kit 5 - Ogre Zombie is the most recent iteration of the Paint Night Kits. They come with everything you need and with a price tag of around $20 it's a great buy that you shouldn't pass up, because before you know it, they'll be gone.

Check out my daughter's first YouTube post of a hyperlapse video of her painting a spider with egg clutch here. Don't forget to pickup you own Paint Night Kit 5 - Ogre Zombie here.

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